Book Review: America Under Mind Control by Jamell Crouthers

America Under Mind Control by Jamell Crouthers


What happens when society takes control of your mind and how you think? This book speaks on all of the issues going on in today’s society and how the rich, wealthy and elite do everything in their power to keep the American people under mind control. There are different tactics and ways they use to make sure we as a people don’t strive for greatness in life. It starts from when you’re a child in the education system and how we’re taught to be obedient and to respect authority all the way into Corporate America. Our minds are programmed on a daily basis and whether we realize it or not, we don’t take the time to see the bigger picture of how the world is run. From the music we listen to, to the television we watch, the politics they control and infiltrate, this book deals head on with how we the American people are controlled by so many messages on a daily basis. It’s a book that speaks truth into how this country and the world is in shambles and how we need to come together as a nation and as a people and do better.


Jamell has proven that through poetry, various issues revolving America can be brought to the attention of people from all walks of life. This book touches on problems that the American society should be concerned about and the poems help us to look at those issues from a different perspective.

I like how the author had chosen to write on education as the way the current generation is being educated at school does not guarantee to produce ethical young adults. This not only emphasises the responsibilities of lawmakers at large, but also the roles parents should play in order to offset the drawbacks from our education system.

Reading this book would assist you in understanding things that are going fundamentally wrong with America and I would highly recommend this book to everyone, especially American parents. If you care about social issues, this book is a treat for you!

I wish the author had written on women and equality too!

5 stars for this books!

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