Book Review: Hive by Lisa M. Cini

Hive by Lisa M. Cini


“This is not just a book, it’s a MOVEMENT. Lisa did not choose to write Hive, Hive chose her.” —Kute Blackson, transformational teacher and bestselling author of You.Are.The.One.

Four generations live under one roof in Columbus, Ohio, and they’ve figure out to make it work: dividing responsibilities and chores, re-designing some physical spaces for privacy, and reconfiguring others into common areas for all to gather and enjoy living together.

This tale of heartache, heroism, and hope is one family’s multi generational social experiment, which encompasses kids in their teens, parents in their forties, grandparents in their seventies, and a ninety-plus year-old great-grandmother. Together, as they navigate the joys and challenges that come with aging in America, they’re also answering the question, “How does family help you thrive at home when you’re old?” An Alzheimer’s/dementia diagnosis adds a layer of complexity, yet the family resolves to keep their eldest at home for as long as she’s happy, safe and engaged in life. The younger generation learns much from their elders, and the elders from their children. While mastering the use of technology and new family systems, they’re also mastering the use of humor, tolerance, and patience. Ultimately, that’s what makes this four-generation experiment a success.

Practical design advice and clear-eyed strategies are mixed with personal tips and observations, making it easy to see how anyone can transform their home in into their own multi-generational living situation. Her stories are honest, both funny and poignant. The family’s fiascos are counterbalanced by their many successes, the greatest one being that as individuals and as a family, they continue to thrive.

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Hive is an excellent read! Now, the subject of multi-generational living cuts across various cultures and families around the world. While the issues and challenges these families face may differ according to each culture, the root cause of the problem remains the same. Lack of understanding and tolerance between each generation are among the root causes and Lisa had clearly explained how this can be achieved among the Western communities. Her experience in designing interiors for senior living will benefit everyone reading this books as came up with excellent tips on how multi-generations can live under one roof with minimal misunderstandings.

Apart from that, most importantly, Lisa had also explained how the family values can be passed down effectively when kids live with their grandparents and how the family root remains strong even when our lives often blend with modern values.

I highly recommend this book to all couples and parents looking to start a family as this would set an excellent direction for their lives ahead.


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