Book Review: ON THE OPEN ROAD: Three Lives. Five Cities. One Startup. by Stuti Changle

ON THE OPEN ROAD: Three Lives. Five Cities. One Startup. by [Changle, Stuti]

On the Open Road


Myra wishes to break free of her cubicle.
Kabir wonders what life would be to build on his own.
Sandy drops out of college to work on the next big startup idea.
Ramy inspires millions of his generation on his travel blog – on the open road.

On the Open Road revolves around the lives of these restless and dreamy 20-somethings as they battle their inner demons and the societal taboos to live life on their terms. It is an emotional journey of following one’s heart. The tale speaks of friendship, love and loss, happiness and depression, fear and conquest, dreaming and achieving.

Will they be able to embark on the journey to embrace their true selves? Or succumb to the hardships on their road to freedom?


This book is definitely worth reading as we all could relate to the characters very much. If you are in your twenties or if you struggling to find the purpose in life and facing challenges from the society you live in, this book will assure you that you are not alone.

I can personally relate to this book as I was dabbling into entrepreneurship at a very young age and this story relates to me very much. I like how the author has crafted a story that portrays the way the new generation looks at life.

A 4 star for this book!


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