February Romance/Erotica Author Interview Answer #3 “When did you start writing?”

Romance/Erotica Author Interview
Romance/Erotica Author Interview

Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the February Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series! The support from Romance/Erotica authors was amazing as we have 12 authors participating in this group author interview.

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So, the 3rd question is “When did you start writing?”

1) Author #1 : Chloe S. Flanagan

It feels like I’ve been writing in my head for as long as I can remember. But I didn’t start putting all that chatter down on paper until about two years ago. 

2) Author #2: Olena Kagui

I’ve been writing short, mostly visual stories since I was seven years old! I began writing the first chapters of books I would never finish in middle school. I finally started writing my first real novel five years ago!

3) Author #3: Angela Breen

Like most authors, I started when I was young, in elementary school. But I started looking at writing as a profession in 2011 and truly chasing the dream in 2015 under a different pen name. 

4) Author #4: Victoria Spencer

My first series was The Adventures of Heidi Bear when I was about 7. I finished all 12 of the stories by 10. I first started writing with the aim to publish when I was thirteen.

5) Author #5: Erin Lynne 

Writing is something I always loved, even if it was a school assignment (total nerd alert). However, I didn’t start my first romance novel until I was 22. It took me over TEN years to finally follow my dream and go down the publishing path.

6) Author #6: Victoria Grant

I started writing stories when I was six. I’ve always loved to write; English and Creative Writing were my best subjects in school, so I naturally gravitated to write the stories I love to read.

7) Author #7: Marie Lavender

I began writing stories at the age of nine. I’ve been focused on being a writer ever since.

8) Author #8: Jennifer Carole Lewis

I’ve been telling stories for a long time, both my own and fanfic inspired, but I started seriously pursuing a writing career in 2012.  My first book was published in January of 2015.

9) Author #9: Amber Daulton

I read my first romance book when I was 12 after I snuck a Harlequin paperback out of my mom’s bedroom. After that, I wanted to write my own story about two people (or three!) falling in love.  Since then, I’ve been writing and learning the craft, and finally contracted my first story at age 26.

10) Author #10: J. Grayland

At the ripe age of 14, just didn’t do anything about it until 2017.

11) Author #11: Nicole Highland

I started writing around late grade school/early junior high, primarily writing poetry as a way of expressing myself.

12) Author #12: Renata Sterling

I started writing when I was a child, around ten or eleven years old. But I only started taking it more seriously since 2014 when I learned about the option of self-publishing.

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