February Romance/Erotica Author Interview Answer #11 “Name one character you like the most from your books”

Romance/Erotica Author Interview
Romance/Erotica Author Interview

Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the February Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series! The support from Romance/Erotica authors was amazing as we have 12 authors participating in this group author interview.

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So, the 11th question is “ Name one character you like the most from your books ”

1) Author #1 : Chloe S. Flanagan

I really like Madeline “Mad” Pine from my novel A Time for Every Matter. She’s blunt, comical, and smart. 

2) Author #2: Olena Kagui

That’s hard because I feel so connected to all of the characters. I guess I would say Kai, from Love as Blue as Hawaii. The three main girls from that story are all more or less reflections of me, based on different aspects of my personalities and wants/needs. Kai is still a complete mystery to me, just as he is to Stephanie. I am hoping to explore his story more as I turn Love as Blue as Hawai into a full-length novel.

3) Author #3: Angela Breen

I only have one piece published so out of that, I enjoyed writing Jason. His flaws made him more fun than I’m used to. 

4) Author #4: Victoria Spencer

Oo, this is a tough one, but I adore Arrin. I’m also closer to the middle of the gender spectrum and struggle with the same disability (and totally have the same esthetics). Also writing a non-binary character in a romance was such a privilege. 

5) Author #5: Erin Lynne 

I am attached to all of them, geesh this is hard. I would say Alex Copeland, he is the brother of Lucy Copeland, the heroine in That One Night. He is the hero in the second book in the series,The Long Wait. His personality is fantastic.

6) Author #6: Victoria Grant

I like Casey Dunlop from my soon to be released RomCom Write to Love. She’s a recently published murder mystery author with a quirky sense of humour (she named her car after her favourite cartoon character). She has her share of problems, but always manages to remain resolute and kind-hearted.

7) Author #7: Marie Lavender

Right now? I can relate to Ginger Halloway from the romantic comedy novel I’m working on these days.

8) Author #8: Jennifer Carole Lewis

I love all of my characters but I adore my witty sarcastic ones who say all of the things I wish I was quick enough to come up with in the moment.  For my Lalassu series, that’s Vincent who had the “worst <censored> job interview ever” with a sociopath, and for my new Special Investigations series, it’s Ray, who tells people he would look stunning walking away from an explosion in slow motion.

9) Author #9: Amber Daulton

One of my favorite characters is the lovable bad boy from Arresting Mason, a five-flame romantic suspense. Mason Harding is on parole, dating his parole officer’s sister, and just trying to live a good life. Unfortunately for him, the past doesn’t stay buried.

10) Author #10: J. Grayland

Nate King

11) Author #11: Nicole Highland

I only have one series under my belt so far, but of my two main characters, Devin is my favorite by far. He’s very sweet and compassionate, but he can be strong and protective. 

12) Author #12: Renata Sterling

So far my favorite character is Liana Harris, the heroine from A Perfect Day for Rain and Love’s Call. I think I like her most because she had to face her own beliefs about men and relationships after what she witnessed in her home growing up as well as what she experienced in A Perfect Day for Rain.  I most appreciated being able to highlight her process of changing from a cynical, jaded woman to one who was willing to open herself up to love, despite having to be vulnerable in a way that she’d spent most of her time avoiding.

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