January Children’s Book Author Interview: Author #7 Charlie Bee

Charlie Bee
New youtube video

My mother and I have always loved writing childrens’ stories. We decided to get them out there in a very different way! All of our books can be viewed for free, via our YouTube channel, Storyvision Studios UK. 3 stories are available now and a brand new nursery rhyme. Our latest one will be ready in the next couple of days. My mother and I are both authors. I also illustrate, narrate, edit and produce the videos, all of which are set to music, some classical, which really helps to add suspense and depth. Two of our stories are ebooks, and shall be paperbacks very soon, afterwhich, they are to be sent to a top UK T.V. channel, as they have already viewed the story via our channel and love the content.
Ironically the book they love was rejected 4 times by agencies, (Mr. Sandmans’Amazing World of Dreams). We would love to hear from you! Best regards, Charlie Bee 


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