January Children’s Book Author Interview: Author #13 Karen Magnan

Book by Karen

Hi there, my name is Karen Magnan and I am a new author. As of right now my focus has been on writing children’s books, and books for young adults.  My story is interesting in that I did not write my first story until I was in my mid 50’s, and I quickly became a writing machine. I have now sent 7 books to my publisher just since December 2018.

I moved to Florida and went from working 14 hour days to just part time, and I suddenly had a lot of free time I did not know what to do with.  One day I was bored and thought, I think I will  finally write that children’s book I wanted to write. Two hours later, my first story was written, “The Dragon Who Got the Fairy Godmother to Like Vegetables.”

The next week I wrote a second book about Rosie the Pink Dragon and then a third the week after that. Each story took about two hours to write and then some editing, and it was done.  I am now writing another series about Milton, who is a lovable, big German Shepherd/Hound dog.  In the first book he helps his owner, a boy named Charlie, get confidence and make friends when Charlie sneaks Milton into school for Show and Tell.  The story is called, “Show and Tell Day for Milton.”

These two books are going to be published by Bob Scott Publishing early this spring.  I have an illustrator working on each book, and they are doing fabulous work, and they are both almost done with the pictures.  Once they are done, Bob Scott will get to work on printing them and releasing them, and that should only take about a month or so.  It is all so very exciting getting to see my stories come to life with the illustrations. I truly feel blessed.


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