January Children’s Books Author Interview Answer #9 “How do you think your work is different from the other children’s books?”

Children's Books Author Interview
Children’s Books Author Interview

Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for all 12 questions answered by 12 author participants in the January Group Author Interview, in the 12 genres, 12 authors, 12 months and 12 questions series!

I have to apologize for the delay in posting up the answers for Children’s Book interview series as we previously had two authors pulling out from the interview due to unforeseen circumstances. Nevertheless, we thank them for introducing two other authors for this interview series. But, now we now have not 12, but 14 authors participating in this group author interview.

Yes, I’m breaking the rules for this interview series! While looking for the last author to join us, I had to email a few of them at one go, just to make sure at least one of them gets back to me to complete this interview series. And guess what? I had not one, but THREE authors sending in their submissions at the same time! Can I say no to two of them? Would it be fair? No! So, yes, the more the merrier, I thought. Therefore, let’s welcome 14 authors for this interview series.

The first seven questions are from a ten-year old children’s book reviewer and BookTuber, named Neha Praveen. You can follow her on Twitter at @npstation2018

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So, the 9th question is “How do you think your work is different from the other children’s books?”

1) Author #1 : Ann Harrison-Barnes

Unlike some children’s book authors, who focus on a faery tale or an adventure alone, I weave the faery tale in with an adventure and a bit of mystery, to leave children and their parents hanging on the edge of their seats.

2) Author #2: Samantha Hardin

In Zertle the Crime-Fighting Turtle: The Pumpkin Patch Snatch, the readers gets to interact with the story and help Zertle solve the mystery. The reader also gets to draw in their own pictures.

3) Author #3: C.J. Rains

Coming back to the previous question, I have been seeing more and more children’s books focusing on serious subjects such as cancer and sexual orientation, etc. I think my books may be different because they don’t focus on the serious, but the joy of childhood. I want my books to be an open door, an open door, if you will, an escape from all that is wrong with the world today.

4) Author #4: Padma Venkatraman

I don’t shy away from including something about my characters’ religious, philosophical and spiritual backgrounds – and I think that’s unusual in children’s books today. It’s not the focus of my books, but it is an integral part of all of them, in a natural way. I also think I push myself to explore different forms as an author: Climbing the Stairs is lush, evocative prose; A Time to Dance is lean, spare verse; The Bridge Home is written in the second person to provide the feel of an epistolary novel.

5) Author #5: Elizabeth Gerlach

All authors hope to create a story that has a special meaning and message and one that will resonate with children and families.

6) Author #6: Cassie Miller

Every person on this planet is unique, and approaches things in their own way. If you give 100 authors the same topic, you will get 100 different books, it’s the most beautiful part of writing

7) Author #7: Charlie Bee

We read our stories aloud and set them to music…awesome! Not only are we Authors, but we write, illustrate, narrate, sing, edit and produce our own work, which sets us apart from other children’s books.  We have great content, if you’re looking for a safe entertainment Youtube channel for children, we’re a great find!  We’d be delighted if you checked us out and supported us by subscribing and sharing our channel, thank you!

8) Author #8: Jerry Craft

I think that one of the main differences with my books is my use of humor. I also try very hard to stay away from stereotypes and address nuances as opposed to generalities.

9) Author #9: Linda Covella

My books typically combine a strong theme of friendship and self-discovery with an exciting story such as one with adventure, mystery, or paranormal aspects.

10) Author #10: Tracy K

I try to write clean, educational and inspiring stories. 

11) Author #11: Beffy Parkin

I feel my books are different as they include some weird and wonderful characters, they are unique and it’s good to be different!

12) Author #12: Lory Linn

I think that many children can relate to the character because in real-life they encounter some of the same situations my character faces. It’s more realistic than some, although the stuffed cat does come to life when the grown-ups are not around. Most children do have an imaginary friend or stuffie, so that is still part of the reality in a child’s mind. There are no fairies, princesses, wizards, or any other fantasies in the book, just a little girl who is mischievous and full of questions. Also, the bow in the character’s hair matches the collar on the cat and in every book the colors are different and intended to be used as a learning tool to help children learn colors.

13) Author #13: Karen Magnen

I am not sure my work is different. If I was to pick out anything, I guess I try to really capture the innocence and the way a child would behave or act in my stories, and I can really see myself as a child. I can hear myself think and even speak as a child.  I bring that inner child out in my stories. The first Rosie story “The Dragon Who Got the Fairy Godmother to Like Vegetables,” does not have an actual child in it, the only story I wrote that did not actually, but I still created the book with children in mind.  The animal realm has lollipop trees, gumball bushes, chocolate chip cookies that grow on trees.  They are for the animals in the book, who really do not like vegetables either.  

14) Author #14: Dr. Graham Clingbine

My book has several short stories rather than one long story. It is mainly based on events that actually happened to me in real life or to places I have personally visited either as a child or adult.

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