Recent Reviews for LUDWIKA

Pretty interesting. This post caught my eye as I am always interested in stories based on real events, featuring women!


Here are some recent and very positive reviews for my historical novel Ludwika  

the story about a Polish slave worker in Germany, based on real events. (For more on the book scroll down to the end of the reviews.)
“I found Ludwika to be an interesting, brave and loving woman. To realize that she is a real woman makes her storyline more amazing!”

“I found this to be very interesting. Being unfamiliar with the living conditions of the day , I was intrigued with her ability to survive such a terrible experience.”


I stayed up late to finish this book. Christoph Fischer wove compelling fiction around the facts of this story. Polish Ludwika believes she will help her family survive by leaving Poland to be with a German officer. She is continually in worse situations, often…

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One thought on “Recent Reviews for LUDWIKA

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Much appreciated and I hope your followers will like the book 🙂


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