Book Video Review #3 by Jas: Tryst With Power (Indira Gandhi) by Nayanthara Saghal

Tryst With Power (Indira Gandhi) by Nayanthara Saghal

Book Video Review #2. Be sure to drop your comments below, follow the channel and blog. I’d be happy to make new friends as I make book video reviews.

Book Video Review #3

As you know, I’ve started doing book video reviews as a #booktuber and my reviews would be book-fiction books. One of the last few weeks, I reviewed #whatitoldmydaughter and this week is for #trystwithpower which is about #IndiraGandhi

The scores are:
Internal Layout: 10/10
Plot Development: 4/10
Key Takeaway Message: 6/10

Overall score: 6.7/10

If you have books with issues that matter to the society and you want me to review them, check out…


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