Book Review: Things Too Big To Name

Things Too Big To Name

Professor Margaret Torrens retired to a mountain cabin only to find her solitude disturbed first by a former student with an odd, mute girl in tow, and soon after by a man who laid claim to both woman and child.

Now Margaret is locked in a ward for the criminally insane, and a charge of murder is in the air. As a psychologist pries out her story, she is waylaid by her own secrets, borne by the ghost of her young husband, lost decades before. Things Too Big to Name traces the power of memory to heal and enable connection after long isolation.


A psychological thriller that I would personally want to be made into a movie! It reminds me of watching thriller movies that keeps you guessing until the end, keeps you hooked to the story from the beginning but also annoys you with the slow pace in between.

The story is being narrated by Margaret, who is a retired teacher. The story starts with Margaret’s car hitting a deer while driving to her remote cabin. At the spot the incident took place, she felt like she saw the spirit of her dead husband.

The story unfolds as she seeks a psychologist to uncover the truth, while getting confused further with the visit of her former student.

This story can get quite confusing as the narrator of the entire story is Margaret. Because of this very same reason, the character development of the other characters apart from Margaret is somehow not very extensive. Therefore, we only learn about the characters as much as Margaret would like us to know about them. However. this element is necessary to keep the suspense in the story going. One has to have a good focus when reading to pick up the interesting twists in the story.

A 4 star for this book!

About the Author:

Things Too Big To Name by Molly Best Tinsley
Molly Tinsley

In an episode of sanity, award winning author, Molly Tinsley resigned from the English faculty at the US Naval Academy and moved west to write full-time. .

She is the author of MY LIFE WITH DARWIN (Houghton Mifflin) and THROWING KNIVES (Ohio State University Press), she also co-authored SATAN’S CHAMBER (Fuze Publishing) and the textbook, THE CREATIVE PROCESS (St. Martin’s). Her more recent books are the memoir ENTERING THE BLUE STONE and another Victoria Pierce spy thriller, sequel to SATAN’S CHAMBER: BROKEN ANGELS.

Her fiction has earned two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Sandstone Prize, and the Oregon Book Award. Her fiction has been widely published and her plays have been read and produced nationwide. She lives in Ashland, Oregon.



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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed ‘Things Too Big To Name’. Thanks for hosting!


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