Book Review: The Christmas Eve Secret

The Christmas Eve Secret

Check out the interview with Elyse Douglas here


A mysterious man from the past steals the time travel lantern.
When Eve and Patrick find it, they destroy it.
Eve’s life is shattered.
She must return to the past, where secrets await.

In the third novel of THE CHRISTMAS EVE series, Eve and Patrick Gantly are living a normal life in 2019 New York, preparing to celebrate the Christmas season. Patrick is taking courses in forensic psychology and Eve continues to work as a nurse practitioner. To their delight, she is three months pregnant. ​

Despite their happiness, Eve is having premonitions that something dreadful is about to occur. Concerned about the future and the safety of their child, she insists that they destroy the time travel lantern. Patrick is more cautious.

One afternoon when Patrick is out, a sinister man breaks into the apartment and forces Eve to give him the lantern. In many ways, Eve is relieved the lantern is gone. She hopes they can now live a more normal life.

A day later, Patrick shadows a woman who has been staking out the Gantly’s brownstone apartment, and he confronts her. To his and Eve’s utter shock, they learn that Lucy Rose is from 1924 and that she time-traveled with the man who took the lantern. He returned to 1924, but she chose to stay behind. She offers to sell the lantern back to Eve and Patrick, and they reluctantly agree, hoping to keep it out of unscrupulous hands.​

Convinced that the lantern is a threat to their future happiness, Eve and Patrick decide to destroy it.​

But the lantern has more power than they could have ever imagined. Once the lantern is destroyed, Eve’s life is completely changed. She must set off on an adventure, in a struggle that will return her to the past, where she will learn the secret of the lantern’s origin and delve into the farthest reaches of her heart.


This is book 3 of ‘The Christmas Eve’ series and it can be read as part of the series or on it’s own but I believe when all three is read, you get the idea of how one character is connected to the other in detail.

Time travel is perhaps a genre that everybody enjoys reading and I am no exception in this case. Being a fan of chicklit books and those that highlight the lives of women, I have to say that I enjoyed the part where Eve and Partrick were brought back to 1884, where oppression against women was greater than it is now.

I love how Eve puts in effort to make sure that she doesn’t lose Patrick and although she finds it uncomfortable to be transported back in time, she eventually gets used to it. I love the way the authors weave the story, in a simple, yet enjoyable manner.

I would rate this book an easy read as you get hooked on to the story rather quickly.

A 5 star for this book.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Christmas Eve Secret

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed ‘The Christmas Eve Secret’! I loved all three books and hope they write more for the series.

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