V is for Validation – How Writers Want It

I can relate to you and the thought about being on top of the game just puts the pressure way too much, even during the writing process. I have asked readers and writers of non-fiction books to validate my book idea just to get the feel that I am on the right track, until one day I felt that this is enough and I gotta just write what needs to be written.

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A to Z of Writing series

Are you a writer? If you answered in the affirmative, chances are that you’ve been asked these certain pissing off questions more than once:

“So what’s your REAL job?”

“You actually get money for that?”

“You must be from a rich family, right?”

Ouch! No wonder we seek validation in every nook and cranny. When non-writers make you feel so disrespected, it’s easy to feel like a nobody – like a failure. So it isn’t just the aspiring writer who suffers this way. I have more than a dozen titles on sale, articles and short stories in major publications, and so much more I could talk about with reference to my writing career BUT I still get asked such questions. Often, the person is actually unaware of how authors and freelance writers spend hours and days and months on projects. Most of them pick…

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