How Book Marketing Affects our Reviews?

Have you decided to buy books only to find out that they are not as good as they were told they are?

Chelle's Book Ramblings

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I have been wanting to discuss about this topic for a while now… and I finally got around to put my thought in some kind of order to make my usual rambling more understandable… I hope… Anyway, all of this is besides the point which is how much a pre established concept can affect our enjoyment and ultimately our reviewing of a book…

What I mean is… how a book cover, an author’s blurb, a clever tagline or one that links the book with a popular show or another similar book… In laymen’s terms a marketing strategy can make or break a book. (at least according to me)

We have seen this phenomenon a lot with how Romance novels are now being “packaged” in order to reach a wider audience — the so hot right now illustrated cover — Which is a great idea because it makes it easier to relate and they are cute and fun covers that call to us (the target audience)…

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However, here’s where I think the problem resides… what happens when these cute and fluffy covers don’t match the inside of the book… Let’s be honest when we see these types of covers our mind makes the connection to happy and light and funny, right? What happens when the book is anything but that… like for instance the good luck charm by Helena Hunting or even Meet Cute also by Helena Hunting. Both are good books (in my opinion) but the covers portrait something that the books are not… they are a little more heavy than expected…

So, does that affect our actual opinion on the books… in a way it does… maybe we won’t say…

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