An Interview with Author Marina Peters

Marina Peters
Author Marina Peters
  • Who are you?

I am an Audit Director, married, with two small children. I work part-time and like to spend my free time writing.

  • Why do you write?

Writing has become my main hobby over the last two years.

  • What do you write about? 

I write about all the beautiful things in life that I like. However, I only write about things I know a lot about.

My work as an author began with a first small book on “Rare Gemstones And Other Precious Stones” because I always wondered what is out there apart from the well-known diamonds, pearls and so on.

As a second book, I wrote about “How to Generate and Earn Royalty Income” because I know a lot about it and myself own some music royalty income. This book helps people to generate a side income from royalties.

My very recent book is the first try in fiction, wherein I use my experiences from 20 years of auditing. “Too Deep In With The Auditor” is somewhat my third child and I am very proud of it. I am now writing a second part. You can follow the progress on or my Goodreads page.

  • Do you have a specific writing style?

I try to keep my work easy-going, casual and easy to understand.

  • What are the obstacles that come in the way of writing? 

You need so much time until a book is born. The funny part is writing itself but then you need a cover, you need to format, you need to publish, you need to market …

  • What’s the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work?

“Wow, I didn’t know that the auditing business is so cool!”

  •  When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

About two years ago.

  • What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

I normally write the day I am not working as an auditor. Sometimes I also write late in the evenings or at weekends.

  • What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

In “Too Deep In With The Auditor” I tried to keep the pace high. So the writing style is very casual and moving forward. I think you will like it when you read it.

  • Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer?

Always have something with you to take notes – always!

  • What do you think makes a good story?

As simple as it sounds: People should like to read it, they should always want to know how the book moves on.

  • Do you see writing as a career?

Well, not for me, but generally speaking, yes, absolutely!

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