An Interview with Instapoet R.R. Noall
R.R. Noall

A native of Cleveland, R.R. Noall penned her college essay on her love affair with words. Since then, writing has permeated her career aspirations and pastimes.

Beginning in the summer of 2016, Rachel dedicated herself to writing. Since then, her creative work has been published in books, journals, and on blogs.

For Rachel, writing was a natural segue into the field of marketing. To supplement her writing experience, Rachel has earned marketing certificates from reputable journals and universities. Under the name R.R. Noall, Rachel currently works with numerous clients as a copywriter, marketing strategist, and SEO specialist.

You can find Rachel teaching English classes at Red Rocks Community College, where she aims to try to convert everyone to the dark side (to be English majors). She teaches English Composition and pushes her students to find their voice through each and every writing assignment.

Noall is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of an arts and literary magazine called From Whispers to Roars. The magazine was founded on the idea that artists should have communities for exchange and growth; From Whispers to Roars hosts weekly writing prompts, a blog, and published its first issue in April of 2018. After only a year in existence, the magazine has a readership of over 25,000 globally.

R.R. Noall is a Denver typewriter poet, and works weddings, events, and parties. Her love of typewriter poetry ultimately led to podcasting. She recently started a poetry podcast called Poems for People. The new poetry podcast, which releases new episodes every Wednesday, focuses on amazing humans, their stories, and how each story can be turned into a poem. She also earned her MA in Creative Writing from the University of Denver in 2019.

Yes. Rachel does A LOT of things. But, in her free time, she continues to fall in love with Colorado, explores national parks, spoils her dog (named Potato), writes poetry, and drinks adult beverages alongside good company. 

  • When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

The first time I said it out loud – I think I was about 15. I had just travelled to Italy for the first time, and was so inspired by the beauty. I remember wanting so badly to capture it with words, and feeling frustrated that I couldn’t.

When I look back, however, I have been writing for much longer. I used to write little quotes and tid bits into a journal. I even used to write song lyrics. I suppose that I knew, but had no idea what that would actually look like as a career.

  • Do you have a specific writing style?

Yes and no.

In terms of length, I love short form, which Instagram is great for. In my next book, readers will see many more longer pieces, however. I think that books give more room for further explanation, whereas social media is more about brevity. 

When and how I write also differs. Sometimes, I write in chunks of time, but I am always happy to allow the inspiration to strike when it comes along throughout the day. 

  • Location and life experiences can really influence writing, tell us where you grew up and where you now live?

Great question. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I also went to college in the Rust Belt – In eastern Pennsylvania. Midwest people and communities have a grit I can’t quite describe. I think it’s in their blood, and maybe in part due to the harsh winters. Being from there, I learn a lot about resilience, hard-work, and focus.

After college, I moved to Denver. What attracted me to Colorado was the nature – I love getting lost in the trees, camping, and exploring small and quirky mountain towns. Additionally, Denver is a city of transplants, which means that everyone is just really nice, but also bring their unique perspectives to the city. It really is a global place. 

I feel constantly inspired. The people I surround myself with are hustlers in every way – I feel so fueled creatively by them and by the adventures we go on. It definitely impacts my writing. 

  • How do you write – lap top, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk?

Actually, I write a lot on my typewriter! I am an Denver typewriter poet, which is a really fun side gig, but it also means I’m just writing a lot on there every day. I also host a poetry podcast, where I interview inspiring humans, and then turn their stories into typewriter poetry on-the-spot. 

When I’m out an about, and the typewriter isn’t with me, I usually write in the Notes section on my phone. It allows for real-time writing when I feel inspired.

  • Most writers have a day job. What’s yours? 

I am the founder and CEO of a marketing firm, RN Marketing Collective. We exclusively serve creative entrepreneurs. Most creatives think that “traditional marketing” is out of their budget, and that just isn’t true. I feel so thankful that I get to help people grow their creative businesses. I am constantly inspired, and feel so lucky that I get to do so many things that I love.

Find Instapoet R.R. Noall on Instagram and Twitter.


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