An Interview with Author Julia George

Julia George
Julia George

Julia George Born in May 22nd yr84″ Is a Asian American who is an American Citizen and the Author of the book Amala – A Life On Lockdown. She lives in Los Angeles, in a boring town known as Lomita. Loves India and the rich heritage and cultures and vibes of India.
A struggling artist, the authors identity is compromised by many other Julia George combo’s She is a Actor/ Singer/ Choreographer and now a Author.
She has done three International Films So far.
She wrote this first book in a span of 7 hours. So is requesting all fellow author come proofreader fanatics out there lay Their proof reading skills down and have fun and enjoy the story. Readers will surely know why the book is scripted the way it is, when they actually read through the book. Hope you enjoy my first attempt and Someday hoping that Amala- A life on Lockdown will be featured as a world famous film.

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a certified trained meditation practitioner, and I have attained a masters in women’s health. That is why it is well assured that meditation works and is a tried and tested option for holistic healing, and it became an option to be shared with all individuals who need it the most.

There is a google play app the author is launching with her team, which focuses on meditation. Keep in touch with the author through her website and the social media links attached at the end of this post.

  • What is the connection between meditation and healing?

The importance of Meditation to heal was clearly evident to me with the present situations all have been affected with. Just because all have been affected with the severity of the pandemic, would we send all to psychiatrists and help them all with psych meds? Or can we show them a way to heal inside out? Meditation does just that. Especially when you don’t have another option to focus on.

  • Who do you particularly target to help and why?

Many get cheated by a spouse or family members into psychiatry and other illness aspects. They will provoke situations where one will react and use that as an evidence to screw their life up. It all started with my fiction book Amala: A life on lockdown. I was busy promoting that and a few responses to the book got me thinking. I realized many women behind closed doors of marriage are going through the same issues of life. So even if you save the women going through such issues, what will one do? Life here in California, there are homes for women who have been through domestic violence, once a woman tries to own up she is abused. All these shelter homes are associated with psychiatrist for assessments, at the end of the day whether the women decides to go-ahead with help from the domestic violence help canter’s or not, it does not matter, even without the knowledge of the women she will be assessed by a psychiatrist, who will diagnose her.

This is the sad truth of every abused women, they end up becoming statistics for psychiatry, this was one issue already setting in as something what needs focus on, when several men and women start having social melt downs because of the pandemic Covid-19 situations. That is when meditation showed up as an option to be shared. Not just for abused women, but for all those who don’t want to just turn into mere statistics in real life just because their spouse, sibling or someone who is a friend or family hates you or wants to use the worst prank in your life…..

  • What can the victims to do heal themselves?

Instead select an option of self-healing where you and only you are in control, the main key aspect of meditation is to forgive, not asking to embrace the abuser or the bad things what have happened but to find a way to accept, which is extremely essential to heal, for once, as a learning curve in your life. Once that sets in, then stay away from the negative, accept the things you cannot change. Once this aspect is taken care of, then the next part is start a process of meditation that suits ones daily routine. The harmony of chakras and the pressure point of your hands and legs which will all help in the inner healing and meditation.

Meditation To Heal
  • Why do you think the holistic approaches are not used as much as they are supposed to?

The option of meditation and all other holistic approaches have always been there, but the present generation of teenagers, have never been able to embrace such options. They are unknowingly lead only to the option of psychiatry. My job is to find a way to help abused women and many others who are perplexed in the present times. Please don’t think a religion should be a barrier to accepting meditation. Just look at it this way, no matter what your faith is, you can get cheated into psychiatric diagnosis and meds even without your own knowledge. Then, why won’t one take meditation and self-heal and rebuild your strength on one’s self decision? Liver and kidneys and lungs are equally harmed by medications as much as alcohol and smoking. So is to say about eating habits which also simultaneously reflect on what a person feels and how they react to life situations. A person who drinks cold milk and a person who drinks hot coffee react differently to one similar situation if put in, just a analytic aspect but as I mentioned, it is essential to understand that it takes one person to look at healing oneself inside out holistically approach meditation. Not for the mere healing aspect of life.   

Meditation to Heal

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