Book Review: A Summit Without Mercy by Dylan Walker

Somewhere in the Himalayas, a Buddhist guru and a rogue spy devise a nefarious plan to instigate a nuclear war between two nuclear neighbors – India and China.

An Indian agent is missing. The Indian Intelligence Bureau tasks their best agent, Keshav Bose, with locating him. As he follows the clues, he uncovers a far more devious plot is underway.

With French spy Camilla Faidu by his side, Bose has to handle hired assassins, a Turkish mercenary, and a sect of brainwashed beauties to prevent nuclear war. What they uncover leads them to the dashing, young Chinese ex-pat and his palatial retreat, but thwarting disaster comes at a heavy price and makes them targets.

Their only option is to infiltrate the compound, disrupt the plan, and hope they make it out alive.

Find out what happens in this adrenaline-rushing international espionage thriller!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

With just a little over 100 pages, this book is an exciting page-turner and I finished reading it at one sitting. Camillia and Keshav are the two main characters in this story. Camillia has been the Director of a spa for 6 years and now has been assigned a new job, as a spy, to assist Keshav in his expedition to locate a missing Indian Agent. The story evolves rather quickly as the book is quite short, and I felt that if it is a longer book, it would have been even better, as the writer has a great talent in weaving an interesting story – which is why it is a page turner. The romance between Keshav and Camillia, and how they had to part ways after the task is over, is something I particularly liked about the story. A great attempt by the writer as this is his debut book.


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