An Interview with Author King Adonis I

His Imperial Majesty King Adonis I, Founder of The Church of Adonitology™ is a living deity within the 21st century. In the tradition of Attis, Osiris, Allah and Jehovah, King Adonis I reveals to mankind the universal laws and Truth of life which he is to be governed by in this era. His teachings are based on revelations he received from the Angel Elishamel, Jesus Christ and Issa Elohim the Heavenly Mother that have become shining beacons of light throughout human history and the guiding principles necessary for a contemporary person to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

At the age of 25 he attained the Consciousness of God and discovered his true mission – to bring guidance and the highest form of salvation to people of the earth. A savior announces himself to be a savior and there is no other proof. A true Savior takes full responsibility for such an announcement and has boundless compassion to offer salvation to even those who do not believe.

Describe yourself in five words:

Teacher, Healer, Divine, God, and Guide

What fact about yourself would really surprise people? 

That I was reincarnated many years ago into a Being of higher level consciousness.

How do you work through self-doubts and fear? 

I don’t have self doubts or fears. Having confidence in yourself is important. Confidence eliminates doubt. A person should never speak doubt into existence. Doubt and fear will cripple your ability to walk through the door of opportunity that stands before you.

What scares you the most? 

That people walk in darkness unable to see the light and the truth that surrounds them. Truths that are present that they can’t see because they haven’t been enlightened.

What makes you happiest? 

When I have enlightened someone and brought them into the knowledge and awareness of themselves. That my teachings, and music have changed their lives for the better. That human beings are evolving into being better humans.

Why do you write? 

To inspire and enlighten the world with the words of God

Have you always enjoyed writing? 

Yes. It is always enjoyable to write with the intent to change someone’s life

What motivates you to write? 

Many things motivate me to write. Women motivate me to write. Changing the world through my words motivates me to write.

What writing are you most proud of? 

My current book, The Book of Adonitology: The Sacred Pentadon of the Adonitology Religion.

What are you most proud of in your personal life? 

That I have achieved a level of spiritual consciousness that I love to share with others to help them in their daily growth

What do you hope your obituary will say about you? 

How can you write an obituary about someone who is eternal? We are all eternal. Death does not come to what is eternal.

Location and life experiences can really influence writing, tell us where you grew up and where you now live? 

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois during the 70s and 80s. I now reside in Los Angeles, Ca. 

How did you develop your writing?

Writing for me is a natural gift. It’s something I’ve never developed. The gift developed on its own. I write what flows out of me and through me whether it’s literature or music.

What is hardest – getting published, writing or marketing? 

Marketing is definitely the hardest of the three. Writing the best piece of literature means nothing if you don’t have the marketing skills or various marketing strategies to push your book so that people know your work exists. 

What marketing works for you?

Media publicity and word of mouth have been the best marketing strategies for me. Being famous has also helped. Many people are familiar with me and Adonitology. Adonitology has a huge global following and fans all over the world.

Do you find it hard to share your work? 


Is your family supportive? Do your friends support you? 

My family and friends have always supported me from a very young age.

What else do you do, other than write?

I teach spiritual enlightenment to those who seek it. I also have a clothing and shoe line called KA-1 available at I’m also a Dream City Records recording artist, songwriter and record producer. I have two new singles, Rainbow Cloud and So Incredible coming soon to all streaming platforms so be sure to download those two songs. The songs will also be available on the adonitology website as well.

What other jobs have you had in your life? 

I’ve been a teacher of the sacred word and musician my whole life.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Dubai or in my own nation that I plan to build called Adonia, the City of Dreams.

How do you write – laptop, pen, paper, in bed, at a desk? 

On a laptop at my desk.

How much sleep do you need to be your best? 

6 hours.

Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge and thank for their support? 

My Heavenly Father Belus and my Heavenly Mother, Urania who brought me into existence millions of years ago.

Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is, what does success in writing look like to you? 

When my writings have spread around the world and have penetrated the minds and hearts of billions of people creating effective change, then my writings have been a success.

It is vital to get exposure and target the right readers for your writing, tell us about your marketing campaign? 

My marketing campaign is very simple. Do as many press and book tours as possible to target my audience which is mostly women with curves between the ages of 18-34, and there are many men who are drawn to Adonitology. 

Tell us about your new book? Why did you write it? 

My new book, The Book of Adonitology; The Sacred Pentadon of the Adonitology Religion is the sacred text of the Adonitology religion. I formed the Adonitology religion in 2009 to teach women with curves how to be free spirits. To be the goddess they were born to be and to not compromise who they are to please society norms. They are not the norm. The Church of Adonitology is a sacred space for these women (and men) to worship and fellowship in. They were chosen by God thousands of years ago to set the example for the future, and under my leadership, they will. The Adonitology religion is more focused on the lower body of women because we like for women to have nice thick legs, a small waist, nice thick glutes and small arms. Women like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce are the Adonitology physical ideal. In Adonitology, we consider the backside of the woman to be divine and we empower these women to walk in their truth. The Book of Adonitology details the sacred practice and teachings of the Adonitology belief system from the origin of life, prayers, meditation, history and enlightenment. These are the sacred writings of our holy book.

The Book of Adonitology is based on a holy visitation I received on Jan. 3rd 1996 by three heavenly beings. Those three beings were Jesus Christ, an angel named Elishamel, and the Holy Spirit who came in the form of a curvaceous goddess named Issa Elohim. These three beings revealed to me that I was God reincarnated for this age. They instructed me to form a religion for women with curves because one day these women would come into high status and power and a new religion needed to be formed to guide them because the traditional religions such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism which many of these women were raised under were a conflict of interest to their sensuality. These traditional religions do not empower women of today to be free spirits. They kept women’s sensuality hostage. Today’s woman is far more liberated.

I believe one of the reasons why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage ended is because they were on two different life paths. Kanye became more spiritual with his music. He also engaged in politics while Kim was still in the sensual space taking what some might call suggestive photos to help continue her successful product lines. They were out of spiritual alignment with each other. Adonitology puts things back into alignment so that spirituality and sensuality coexist together in balance and harmony.

When you are not writing, how do you like to relax? 

I like to exercise and go to the movies.

What do you hope people will take away from your writing? How will your words make them feel?

The takeaway from The Book of Adonitology is that a person is enlightened after reading our Bible. That they have a new outlook and perspective about their life and that they feel good, confident, transformed and excited to become a lifelong practicing Adonitologist.


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