Author Interview with Karen Tracy

Author Bio: Karen Tracy is a Christian author, having written for Christian magazines and online forums. She enjoys writing, cooking, and seeing her loved ones happy. Having been through many unexpected and dramatic events in her life, she has chosen to share her hurts, heartaches, testimonies and healings through her writings. She has witnessed first-hand the amazing power of prayer and God’s healing to the hurting and desperate soul, and enjoys sharing those experiences and views to her readers. Since much of the things she has experienced has been its own drama/comedy/love story on it’s own, she has decided to share those events with her readers, knowing there is a story for almost every genre that will entertain and, hopefully, inspire. Victorious Love is Karen’s first book.

Where are you from?

I’m a Florida native, but have lived in and visited various parts of the country.

Why do you write? 

I write about amazing things I have seen God do. I have written for various Christian magazines and have just published my first book on Amazon.

What do you write about? 

I like to write things that encourage and uplift people, but things that are far from boring and entertain the reader

Do you have a specific writing style?

Growing up, I loved to read stories about love and redemption, about people who found themselves in seemingly bad situations only to find their way out of the darkness by a love that was shown to them. I loved books on how love could overcome any form of darkness.

What’s the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work?

Perhaps the most “memorable” thing said by a reader is that the book was “gripping” and “powerful”. (Ok, that may have been two readers. 🙂

Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell the readers?

I would love my readers to know that this book is for many types of people. For those who think they’re situation is impossible, and feel scared and hopeless, these true stories can show you that nothing impossible to those who believe. For those who are looking to just read an interesting story, the stories within are written in the form of mini novels, and deal with friendship, cult activity, comas, etc, and how God’s love helped overcome them.

What is your new book all about?

My new book, “Victorious Love”, is about true stories that I have gone through with my friends and loves ones. Each story was filled with drama and love and, sometimes, humor, as I share the intense battles and struggles each person faced, and I asked God to help me them out of those dark situations in desperation. It shares the stories of how these people nearly died, or how a friend I was close to began to turn on me, and how one overcame nearly losing his life to alcohol addiction. There is one longer story detailing my close friendship with a man named Tony, and how he began to turn on me, treating me like an enemy, only for God to reach him and mend us again and for him to see I was his friend. Here is the link to the Amazon site for the book, to see more reviews and what it is about..(thank you for reading this) 🙂


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