Author Interview with Aaron LA.V.R.

Aaron LA. V.R. grew up in Michigan, spending most of his childhood creating his own adventures. Inspired by popular science fiction movies, cartoons, and video games, he would often create stories he either wrote or acted out while playing with friends. As a teenager, he became interested in music and turned those childhood stories into songs. As an adult, he found his way into the world of news, working as a news producer and freelance writer. After many years of searching for the right medium to express his creativity, he is here, hoping to share his imagination and experiences with you as an author.

Where are you from?

I grew up in the United States in the state of Michigan. I’m from the west side of the state, actually, close to Lake Michigan. It’s a very pretty area and fairly quiet. 

Why do you write? 

Well, I write because I’m very emotional and need an infinite universe to vent my emotions, hahaha. No, but really I write because I have an overactive imagination and need an infinite universe to express my creativity. There is no limit to what you can become or create when you’re writing, no taxes, no hidden fees, no red tape, just freedom. So, I guess you could say I write so I can be free.

What do you write about? 

In general, what I write about really depends on my mood for the most part. Sometimes I will write uplifting stories other times; I will write sad or mysterious ones. That type of writing is actually more connected to when I was writing songs and creating rap music, though. But what I enjoy writing about the most is science fiction! I love the action and adventure and space! It’s so awesome! When I was young, I was always intrigued by the stars and the thought of what was beyond them. I used to spend hours at the library reading astronomy books. I was also a big-time anime, manga, superhero cartoon, video game and sci-fi movie nerd, to top all of it, hahaha.     

Do you have a specific writing style?

If I had to put a name to it, I would call it movie-style writing. When I’m writing, it’s almost like I’m watching a movie in my mind. I can see the scenes playing out from a to b and hear the dialogue taking place while it’s all happening. I don’t know if it is like that for everyone. People always have told me that I’m weird, so maybe that’s not normal, hahaha.

What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? 

For me, it’s probably motivation. Sometimes I will sit and stare at a blank page for hours and not write a thing. It’s not that I can’t get some words on the screen or page; it’s just that I don’t feel like writing. I’m a very lazy creative sometimes. . . But When I feel like writing, I’m taking off!

What’s the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work?

Someone told me that my story delivered. That was the coolest thing to hear! The main thing I’m worried about when people are reading my book is if it delivered, so that was just super awesome!

How long have you been writing?

It’s been like 15 years. I have written a lot of things that I never tried to use. I’m my own worse critic at times, I think. I had a few book ideas over the years that I just never finished because of that. I may actually revisit some of those now that I finally have something published.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

I think it was when I realized I was a storyteller. I was writing songs and news articles for years and never really considered myself a writer, even though I had been doing it for half my life. One day it just kind of dawned on me that I was doing more than just writing; I was telling stories. It was at that point that I kind of made the decision that I wanted to be an author and write novels

What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

Honestly, it’s like having two jobs. This goes back to the motivation thing I was talking about earlier. So, I work on news stories for 8 hours, then I go home and stare at a blank screen and decide if I want to write some more, hahaha. I usually fall asleep at that point! But every so often, I find the motivation to write more!

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I think I have a way of drawing the reader in and making them see what they’re reading in their mind. So my movie-style writing, I guess.

How long does it take to write a book?

The first book that I recently published, “Absonbrite: Shadows in the Lighthouse” took 3.5 years. I was actually learning the process of how to write a novel while writing that one, so it took some time. Now that I have a rough idea of what I’m doing, we will see how long it will take me to write the second one.   

Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer?

I would say use the story engine method when writing. Develop your characters, backstories and the plot before you write. Having source material to draw from will help you move forward when you hit those nasty writing blocks! Look at the different styles of writing 1st person, 2nd person, etc. Also, be descriptive, learn how to use details. Readers want to be able to see, hear, and feel what your characters are going through. So describe to me what they are feeling, where they are at, and what they are learning from it all. 

What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story?

The biggest challenge was what to write about. So I knew I wanted to write a science fiction story, but I didn’t know what kind. I narrowed it down with the story engine method I mentioned before. Another thing was knowing what to write next. So you’ve got an amazing 1st chapter; how do you follow it up? The answer I found was simple, just continue to tell the story. You really have to let go of the what-ifs, and the how do I,  when you’re writing and just continue to tell the story. It all comes together in the end.        

What do you think makes a good story?

In general, I would have to say layers. A story with layers is going to take the reader deeper and deeper every chapter they read, all the way to the bottom of the rabbit hole. So depth is what makes a story good, in my opinion.

What does your family think of your writing? 

Most of my family members haven’t read my book, hahaha. But the few who have liked it.

Do you see writing as a career?

In the long term, yes. But at the moment, I’m just an amateur. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go still.

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell the readers?

Yes, I do! When you read my book “Absonbrite: Shadows in the Lighthouse,” please leave me a review! I need to know if my writing stinks and what I need to improve on! Thanks in advance!


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