Book Review: Disasters To Dreams: A Gritty Guide to Finding Success In The Face Of Failure

Fired, robbed, divorced, and with two businesses down the drain, Chris Patrick was stuck on a one-way street of screwups and failures.The life he was leading wasn’t what he wanted—but sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly what you need.Disaster to Dreams is the story of one man’s biggest catastrophes and greatest comebacks, but it’s also a story that demonstrates how amazing opportunities lie just on the other side of adversity—if you’re willing to do the dirty work and dig through defeat. Refreshingly candid, this tough-love and unfiltered self-improvement guide will motivate you to transform stress into stability, train wrecks into trophies, and disasters into dreams.You’ll discover:The ultimate personal growth mindset to help you create your own rules and master life-changing manifestation.Interviews with entrepreneurs, full of inspiration to help you power through any obstacle.How to swallow your “bad” pride and ask people for help—because sometimes finding your purpose takes some hand-holding.Self-reflection exercises to unearth the seeds to future success in the dirt of your past.A step-by-step business-booming process that can improve your subpar enterprise into a prosperous empire.Build triumph on the foundation of failure. No path is a dead end, no matter how epic your mess of defeat. Get Disasters to Dreams and prepare for a path of limitless opportunity in your perfect storm of success!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I loved the honest sharing of the author in this book, detailing out his experiences and how he rose from all the struggles life threw his way. From having a bad father, to finding a great father figure and losing dear ones (including relationships), the author has detailed out very clearly what went wrong in his life and how he strived through it. We also get to see how his family stood by his side when he was falsely accused of rape. As the story develops, we see how Chris developed love for entrepreneurship, how he failed in some his ventures before finding success. We could also learn from his multiple relationships before he found his wife, and the lessons behind the struggles to conceive a child.

I particularly like the way the book is written with multiple short interviews with successful people, and there is an element of surprise in one of the interviews as well. Each chapter is accompanied by a “What About You” section to help us readers reflect on our life as well – and I thought this format is similar to Evan Carmichael’s book “Built to Serve”. I also got a feeling of reading Mark Manson’s book with the use of sh*t throughout the book. But other than that, I really think any entrepreneur would enjoy reading this book, as we all can related to most of the lessons conveyed in this book.

I also liked how he suggest to find a tribe or community for support as this is what I am particularly trying to do in my life right now. If you doubt the law of attraction, you may want to give this book a read.


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