An Interview with Author Eric Cominski Jr.

Writing his first book “Da Grustle 1 Million in the Making” Cominski wants everyone to know being an entrepreneur is not easy. Growing up seeing all the videos with the cars, girls, and flashy jewels. He knew that no one really knows what it takes. Writing this book he gives a little background information on where he grew up. Putting some family events in the book to also let the readers know he had a basic life and came across real life situations that he had to fight thru.

With his new book, Entrepreneurial Mindset he talks about what it takes to do what he does as a husband father and entrepreneur.

Get your copy of the book everywhere books are sold or here on the website.

1) Describe yourself in five words.
A- Kind of a Big Deal

2) Why do you write?
A- I write to share my experience and to build my build. Writing for me is a tool I use to reach people.

3)What do you write about?
A- At this moment just what I know. I write about what I get asked the most. Like with my first book people was asking me how I started my business or how did I make it through the tuff times, so I wrote Da Grustle: 1 million in the making. Now with this book Entrepreneurial Mindset I talk about what it takes to do what I do as a husband father and entrepreneur.

4) How do you work through self-doubts and fear?
A- One day at a time. Everyone has them so it’s not like it’s not normal but for the most part I take my time working through them.

5) Have you always enjoyed writing?
A- Not really, it’s funny because I really never looked at writing a book as something that I would do but when you understand how life works you want to try new things to grow as a person and writing was one of them things for me.

6) What writing are you most proud of? 
A- I’m proud of all my writing but if I had to pick one it would be my book “Entrepreneurial Mindset” because I applied all points of my life in this book and created the blueprint for the person who is trying to be a husband, father, and entrepreneur.

7) What motivates you to write?
A- The world, just the people around me and my brand. Writing is just a small step, but I do it because I know the impact it has.

8) When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?
A- When I realize I have to expand my brand. When I say my brand, I mean me. As an entrepreneur I knew what every I was doing I had to find ways to build my brand and writing a book was what I saw.

9) What else do you do, other than write?
A- O man, what I don’t do would be easier to answer. Short answer, I am a content creator. Anything dealing with content creation and every aspect of that I do.

10) Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge and thank for their support?
A- My mom, she played a big part in who I am now. She helped me believe I can do whatever I want, and she supported me through it all. Also, anyone that helped me with the smallest thing. There are many people that I learn things from that they do not even know they have help me. I want to thank all of you guys, you know who you are.


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