An Interview with Author A D Bollen

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Alex and I am an Australasian author based in Queensland Australia. I am the author of, A Succession of Swords, book one in The Chronicles of Serenity series. I come from a construction background, and was the founder of a large tiling company, before stepping back to focus on my passions. I am a huge family person, who is content to sit at home and argue with my children, over who is the strongest avenger. (Obviously Hulk!)

What is A Succession of Swords about?

A Succession of Swords is book one in The Chronicles of Serenity. It is an adult dark fantasy series that takes place in a world filled with orcs, elves and demonspawn, and the main characters are the gods and rulers of this world. In Serenity, The Sentinels of the Gods rule for a thousand years, before passing the rule down to their children. The story begins on the day the new Sentinels are to be named. Characters are not what they seem, and betrayal is almost certain.

What makes the world of Serenity unique?

I have strived to establish a world and characters that feel real. Although they are the gods, I wanted to dive deep into their human characteristics. The feelings and motivations that drive them, the positive and negative traits that hold them back, or push them to succeed. Every character faces their own unique trials, and handles the events in their own way. (Some better than others)

What are your inspirations?

I have always been a huge fan of fantasy, and love the escape element to the genre. (A world where the impossible is possible) I also find inspiration in people, people are very interesting creatures. Why does someone do what they do? Why does someone want what they want? I find these questions very interesting, and the truth is everybody is different, which makes the subject even more intriguing.

Do you have any favourite characters?

Definitely! Three of the characters are actually based on older versions of my children, however I spend a lot of time creating my characters and I am fond of all of them. (Even the naughty ones)

What is next for you as an author?

BOOK 2! I am very happy to announce that I have started working on the early chapters of book two. I will keep everyone up to date on my progress, through my website and my social media accounts.


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