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Guest posts are great to introduce yourself to new readers. If you care about your online presence, then guest posts will change your search engine rankings too! Internet is now changing the book industry and the way authors sell their books. It’s time to meet new friends and fans in the virtual world to introduce your work and support each other!

International Book Promotion is happy to offer all authors a platform to post articles as our guest authors. It will be even great if you could invite your author friends to be our guest authors and write on similar topics. For instance, if you write Romance novels, you can ask two other Romance writers to write on “Tips To Write A Great Romance Novel”.

Guidelines for guest posts:

1) Your post should not exceed 700 words.

2) You should provide one relevant image to be included in the post.

3) You can provide one URL (it can be your website link, Amazon site or anything else that’s relevant) to be added to the post.

4) Your post should not touch sensitive issues like politics, religions and any other issues that could hurt the public.

5) We reserve the rights to reject your post without prior notice.

We’d love to listen to your ideas too. Sign up to become one of our guest authors today!


4 thoughts on “Guest Authors Sign Up Form

  1. Many thanks. This looks very interesting, I will keep this site in mind when I complete my next book.

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  2. Yasir Sulaiman

    This sounds interesting. I have applied for the role of a guest author. Have published 4 books so far and have another one (a political thriller) coming by end of August 2019. Would like to have it reviewed here.

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