September Special: Group Author Interview From The Memoirs/Biography

Hello everyone, Welcome to our September Special Feature’s post! We are going to interview as many authors as we can this month from the Memoirs/Biography genre. You can refer your fellow author friends to join us in this fun.


1) Fans can send in questions and we will forward the questions to all participating authors. Questions are accepted from readers and authors. Send in general questions that can be answered by any authors from the Memoirs/Biography genre. You can share this post with your fans on your own social media sites. 

We will post your name and ONE non-commercial website link (if you have any) together with your question.

2) All authors participating in this exciting interview are expected to help us SHARE this post on your social media and/or website. If you can get one of your fans to send in questions, that would be greatly appreciated. All participants will get the SAME set of questionnaire.

3) We will be taking about TWO WEEKS to collect the questions. After that, we will send the questions to authors and they will have to send it back to us before 30th September 2014.

4) Authors can send us their short bio, book cover with their Amazon or one other online book site.

So, I guess it is pretty simple. We will get to see different SHADES of answers for same questions. Fans and readers, send the questions via this form.

Authors, if you are interested to join this interview, please send these details below with the message title “September-Author Sign Up” to

1) Name

2) Email

3) Author Website

4) short bio, book cover with their Amazon or one other online book site.

Let’s get the fun started. If you have questions, you can send us an email via or simply get in touch with us via



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