While we get back to you with your queries, here are the frequently asked questions that could help you answer your questions about our services.
1) I’m interested in purchasing the trailer. How do I move forward with that?
Carefully go through all the services we are offering at the moment and add the trailer you want to your shopping cart. Select the add-on options like voice over and other services and check out to make payment via PayPal. We will be notified instantly. Look forward to our e-mail to proceed with the order. Keep an eye on your junk box too if our e-mail lands there! 
2) How long will it take to get my finished products?
This is dependent on the services you choose and based on the number of orders we have. Typically, book trailers without voice over,background music and illustrations will take 1 week to be completed. The sooner you send us all the materials, the sooner you get your product. 
3) What is the revision policy all about?
We have revision policy for our book trailers. For the illustrations,custom-made background music and voice overs, you MAY get ONE free revision depending on our designers. We advice you to send as much info as possible to avoid mismatch of work. 
5) How will I get my products delivered?
Book trailers will be uploaded via Google Drive and you can download the video from there. We ARE NOT held responsible for any malicious threats being transferred to your computer when you download it. Please use your anti-virus to scan the video thoroughly but we have not encountered such problems before so far.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi There, I follow you on Twitter and used to be part of your group on BookBlogs. The reason I’m messaging is I know that you value book trailers and see them as a valuable asset and key tool to book promotion. I’m a believer that the book trailer is one of the most underrated tools in the book game. I make my own book trailers but have difficulty getting them seen. Aside from this I have also written four articles about book trailers. I was wondering if you’d be interested in checking out my articles on book trailers and perhaps consider partnering up. If you were to feature my articles I would gladly promote your site and services. If this sounds like something you’d be interested please let me know. I look forward to hearing back.


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    • Hi Justin,

      I’m so glad to connect with you here and thank you for following us on Twitter. I noticed that you’ve retweeted and responded to one of our latest tweets. I’m equally glad to know that you have the same opinion towards book trailers and I’d certainly want to talk further about your proposition. Please email us at info at internationalbookpromotion.com


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