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Like it or not, books are still being judged by covers. Publishing a book can be very demanding as the success of a book depends on various factors and a good book cover has always helped in giving your paperback books a professional look. But why spend hundreds of dollars just to create a professional cover when you can have it done with our expertise at a LOW price?

If you can’t view the book cover portfolio in the slideshow below, check out our previous work here.

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Book Covers:

We work with you to get your book covers done right at an affordable price. We source and purchase stock photo of your choice for book covers and we’ll send you the licence agreement for all stock images that we purchase. Please ensure that you’ve fully understood the licence agreement for the images (which will be sent to you) we purchase for this purpose.  

Contact us if you need a quote.


Can’t find the right image for your book cover? Need a talented artist to illustrate your book cover? We have a Visual Effect Artist working for movies like Life of Pi and X-Men under the Rhythm and Hues Studio illustrating all book covers at a VERY REASONABLE price!

I have worked with International Book Promotions for both my book cover and book trailer needs.  In all cases, they were prompt, courteous, and professional and I have been absolutely amazed by their results.  I definitely hope to work with them again in regards to any future projects. — Irene Helenowski, Author of  Order of The Dimensions series.

I love the covers! Thank you so very much! I’ll be contacting you for my next book covers. – Author Viv Drewa

IBP created the cover for my latest e-book and they did a smashing job. — Author Chris Lange

I love my book cover International Book Promotion design for Smooth Intentions 2. It’s amazing!! – author Kimberly Stewart


Contact us for a quote.

If you can’t view the illustrations in the slideshow below, check out the samples of previous work on Facebook.

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  4. I love my book cover International Book Promotion design for Smooth Intentions2 it’s amazing!!

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