SEO & Amazon Optimization

Amazon is definitely leading the online book-selling marketplace and Amazon Product Listing is one of the many ways Amazon helps their customers to sell better online. Unlike the brick and mortar businesses, driving customers to your virtual store can be challenging. You need to maximize the content on product pages to optimize the search engine results within Amazon’s internal search engine.

Making your Amazon site informative, optimized for search engines and buyer-friendly will increase the chances of leveraging Amazon’s power. Fortunately, you have us to help you tweak your Amazon site so that it’s more competitive for only $50.

– Professional SEO listing with title, 5 bullet points, HTML product description, search terms
– HTML Title (We will convert your title to HTML to include special characters)

– Competitor Research
– 5 Focus Keywords
– 400 words per product
– 5 Bullet points Per Product
– 1 title and 1 product description

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                        $ 50

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