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As an author, you need to have a good online presence. Authors need to grow their fan base to attract more readers. If you do not interact well with fellow authors, book bloggers and your fans, your books will lack sufficient online marketing and publicity. When no one mentions about you in the virtual world, your books won’t go any further.

With us to help you out, you won’t be a stranger to the online book marketing system. We are here to grow your fan base over the course of time.

For only $30 a month, we’ll make a minimum of 90 posts on three major social media platform (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) using social media posting guides like hashtags, Twitter mentions and more!

IBP provided awesome support for my eBook, taking it to the top 100 in two Amazon UK lists (#28 and #49 under Historical and International Mystery & Crime). They’re committed and creative, and a pleasure to work with! Highly recommended!  — Dee Walker, Author of The Winner’s Curse

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9 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing

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  2. Hi, just wondering about your social media marketing package for $30/mth. Are the 90 posts going to be on your social media accounts, promoting the book? Or do you make posts for us on our accounts on our behalf? Thanks.

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  4. […] 76. – Receive a minimum of 90 posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for $30 a month. […]

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  5. The social media package- at what point does it ask you for the book information?

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