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Showcase Your Books Through a Professional Website

Embrace Authorpreneurship with Technology

If you are an author, selling your books online and not having a professional website designed to showcase yourself, you are truly losing the attention of your potential readers and fans. A website provides sufficient details about yourself and your books and this is something your social media platforms cannot fully perform. In other words, a website helps you to brand yourself as an author.

However, we at IBP fully understand the constraints you face as an author who gets dizzy looking at the technological jargon. Let us take care of designing a website that articulate your profession as an author. We custom-design your website and walk you through the process so that you get to learn about using a website for promotional purposes.

What You Get?

  • A WordPress-powered website (free plan) with the domain name of your choice with the payment for domain name included in the website design charge. If you’d like to use the Premium or Business website plan, additional charges will incur. What are the different types of plans available?
  • A three-phase website designing service; from concept to design, from design to draft site, and draft site to live site which would involve intensive discussion between authors and IBP.
  • A full-professionally designed website with 5 pages/tabs as per your needs. (For example, you an have Home, About the Author, Books, Blog, and Contact Us pages on your website).
  • You will provide the content of each page and we will advice you on the concept and content guidelines that would best integrate your essence as an author on your website.
  • Guidance to edit, update, modify and maintain your website will be provided with instructions in a manual. We’ll fully transfer the website to you in ONE week after your website is launched.
  • If you’d prefer not to maintain your own site, we can manage your website on a monthly basis for a minimal fee.


Powerful Custom Technology by WordPress

We work with WordPress that offers a wide range of customization options that enable you to achieve the interactivity goals and create the highest quality experience for site visitors who could be your next buyers. We can provide a broad range of site enhancements and add-ons, including:

  • Blogging tools
  • Opt-in mailing list management for readers who would
    like to sign up for newsletters
  • Interactive quizzes, polls and surveys
  • Photo Galleries
  • Videos galleries that sync with your You Tube channel
  • Podcast pages for original audios and media interviews
  • Custom features and functions tailored to your spec

We take pride in creating aesthetically pleasing website geared just for your audience. Contact us for more info.

Website Design – $350

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Contact us prior to purchasing.

Website Maintenance Service – $50/monthly

What we do?

  • Upload up to TEN (10) blog posts of yours.
  • Update website content every fortnightly, as per your instructions.
  • Notify you on the arrival of website comments.
  • Share your posts from your website to the social media connected to your website every week.
  • Create categories and tags to follow suitable book blogs and create a strong audience base.


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Jasveena is absolutely fabulous! She outdid herself and made changes when she did not have too. She is full of great ideas, and I am looking for other things that she can do for my project. She is very responsive, extremely timely, and provides the finished product before the deadlines. She is a consummate professional. I absolutely enjoyed working with her! If you have any promotion you can use this service, this is money well spent and she is worth so much more!!!— Janice L. Walker, Author of Womens & Lemons: Your Time Is Now


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