Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business

I must say that many entrepreneurs that I know are actually using Instagram to promote their business online for FREE! I’m not sure how well it works but I’ve heard many success stories from start-up companies and therefore thinking to use Instagram as a platform to promote business.

Have you ever used Instagram to promote business? What’s your result and would you consider using it in future?


We Are Hiring !

Do you love reading, writing and working in the publishing industry? Are you looking for ways to make more money doing what you love at the comfort of your own house? We are looking for potential publicists to expand our author services and YOU may be the one we are looking for!

We need:

Readers, authors, book publicists, book bloggers, reviewers, publishers and anyone having a good network with people in the publishing industry.

*Email addresses under our domain name will be opened for three publicists who are looking at this opportunity seriously and wanting to work with us consistently. 

Contact us to learn more about the job opportunity.