Book Review: The Theater of Life by Charlyn Kent

The Theater of Life by Charlyn Kent


I loved every bit of this book as I have always been a fan of non-fiction books and this book literally brought me into a different world that explains our very own birth. Kent explained how everything surrounding us influences pregnancy and how it affects the baby later when it is born. Reading this book brings additional awareness on how parents should create an ideal environment for kids right from the gestation period.

Most importantly, this book reinforces the importance of focusing where you put your energy and how both negative and positive energies tremendously affect your life. Coming from an author who specializes in psychiatry with a focus on the paranormal, the book is backed by legitimate facts that would educate anyone reading this book on the subject matter further.


Kent’s work invites the reader into a psychological and spiritual Kent’s work invites the reader into a psychological and spiritual observation on why one should, “Be vigilant over your mind while exercising caution concerning powerful influences that the environment can impose on one’s life.”

– Audrey M. Murphy, Ph.D Candidate

Cognitive Psychology in Social Systems

The Theater of Life introduces a spiritual and psychological perspective of the unseen life forces that encompass each of us. Charlyn shows us real cases to explain these hidden forces in one’s own sphere of existence that can be healed away for the benefit of the individual.

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