An Interview with KJ Blocker

Blurb of Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets:

Enter a magical world where corn grows as high as the clouds and salt can be worth more than gold. A world where a mile beneath the earth live wondrous, iridescent little creatures, happily working and playing. Completely unaware that someone “upside” is plotting to take it all away from them!

In this magical world, you meet wonderful characters.

Tom, the farmer who hopes to feed the world with his Ubercorn.

Tom’s wife and son, who sometimes get left behind as he works.

Mr. Withers, the greedy town banker, who wants everything Tom has and will stop at nothing to get it.

Tom’s Dad, Pappy, who Tom has been angry with for years, but is more like him than he realizes!

Like the Magical Mine Moppets, Tom’s family will lose everything if they don’t find a way to defeat the evil Mr. Withers, but they must learn that family and love are the only things that can destroy evil. Join us in a breathtaking, wide-eyed adventure into a land that you’ll cherish.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books:

The magical mine creatures will no doubt fascinate children. Older readers may well be reminded of the Munchkins from The Wizard Of Oz. Plus Jimmy’s bug pal may well have parents reliving their own moments with Walt Disney’s Jiminy Cricket … Morals are abound in Blocker’s book. The virtues of honesty, loyalty, friendship, and belief in one another take center stage with the all-encompassing value of love. His is a story meant to teach as well as entertain … For both the young and the young at heart, Treasure Of The Magical Mine Moppets is a fun and family-friendly adventure.

Author interview with KJ Blocker

1 Describe yourself in five words.  

Kind, compassionate fun and witty guy

2 What fact about yourself would really surprise people ?

When some people see my penmanship, there’s an amazement in their eyes ,when they discover I’m a writer . When treasure of the magical mine moppets, was released I had a boss look me dead in the eye . Wow! I’m shocked !you write?

3 How do you work through self doubt and fear ?

I learned long ago when I was a child  I was put down so many times, and yes I was bullied, and made fun of, because of our income status, or social status. I could never measure up to the kids in the community. I feared my peers so strongly as a kid. I had what I called running scared syndrome so much, now the self doubt, of what others will think, or the fear that I’m not good enough is no longer A hurdle for me .

4 What scares you the most?

Losing someone close to you you care about the most, and I’m not just talking about death, but a divorce or disagreement fall out, over something that means really nothing in the long run, for example, politics I need not say no more. Instead we need to care and love for each other more, and worry less about the things that are out of our control.

5 What makes you happiest?

Knowing that I’ve gave my all to help someone in need. Mainly food.. I like food, yep definitely food .

6 Why do you write?

It’s hard to answer that question. My oldest daughter inspired me because of her wisdom,, my kids seem to give me reality checks. Or keep me in reality as they refer to it. On treasure of the magical mine moppets, I got inspired after learning about my past,, where I came from, The mystery behind my last name, and the relationship ,,struggle between  my great-grandfather and grandfather, I was so overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions, happy, mad, sad. You name it. Until one day my daughter goes Dad you can’t change the past. After a little thought I said you know you’re right, but I can help somebody else in the future .

7 Have you always enjoyed writing?

Art to me comes in many forms, i’m the founder of the product, i’ve written songs, or even on my job… it’s an expression I believe to help others in need of whatever their individual or families case maybe.

8 What motivate you to write?

The story has to be real, relatable, and fun, sad, but most of all, the story has to make you feel like there’s hope, and my writing goal is that if there is a character that you can identify with, either good or bad, and that character can cause you to stop and go well my situation isn’t so bad after all. Then that character has done his or her job.

9 What writing are you most proud of ?

Treasure of the magical mine moppets series

The story was just so rich, and whether you are a child or adult you can relate between slapstick comedy,  a troubled family, with a wounded past, then all of a sudden the Band-Aid gets ripped off ouch that hurts. There’s a lot of deep meaning, adventure and fun. In both above and below ground. Magical I suppose but you want to relive your childhood through the pages .

10 What are you most proud of in your personal life ?

That even though I was told I was a poor, motherless child. Beaten down by society, I would not bow, instead I fought back and did not give up I faced my fear and though it’s been a hard Row to hoe I’m proud to have not given up on my dreams, or my purpose in life. Even though I don’t know the outcome, I was never afraid to try.

11 What books did you love growing up?

Alice in Wonderland, three little pigs, Lion witch and wardrobe, and Mary Poppins .

12 What do you hope you’re a bitch wary will say about you ?

He was not afraid to try.

13 Location and life experiences can really influence writing. Tell us where you grew up and where are you now live.

As a boy I  lived at 1212 E. 9th St. In Shawnee Oklahoma. My father was a loaner, after Mom left, he become distant, sad and alone . One day a boy came to play, after sweeping him off the porch with a broom The neighborhood kids become angry and took out there vengeance on me, I had impetigo on numerous occasions. I cried a lot, ran and jumped fences to get away from the kids, survive was the only option, it toughened me writing short poems and keeping a job restocking beer shelves, kept me from thinking about my situation well I guess it worked I’m still here.

14 How did you develop your writing?

Songs in short poems. I’ve done since I was a boy. But 10 years ago I started to write a song and just kept on writing and thanking and writing. And I thought oh wow I’m pretty good at this, so then I created a whole world. That would help this world. Lord knows we could use the help.

15 What is the hardest getting published writing or marketing?

Marketing by far I think is the hardest, and I made some pretty stupid marketing decisions, you know one thing for sure that is how do I reach my potential audience, but actually reaching that audience well now that’s a whole different story.

16 What marketing works for you?

Word of mouth, if you write something that touches people’s lives and the characters you create can make others feel better about themselves then they will share. I’ve learned you can never force your work on anybody or your ideas for that matter. It’s all about the characters and how the characters make you feel.

17 Do you find it hard to share your work?

I find it an absolute honor to be able to share what you’ve been given, when I see the smile on either a child’s  or adults face, and they tell me how much a character has help them, it’s an honor to have been able to share. Now to answer your question no it’s not hard to share what you’ve been blessed with.

18 Is your family supported do your friends support you?

I suppose when you’re an inventor/ writer and you do out of the norm things as my kids would say . About their dad, they just expect it, it’s normal to them. My wife on the other hand super supportive been from day one. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the love and support from my wife . Friends they support you …as long as it’s free

19 What else do you do other than write?

I own an interactive entertainment business, Jaf industries LLC, I own a small HVAC company, I am founder and inventor of A roof product, and work full-time at OSUOKC . .

20 What other jobs have you had in your life?

Well let’s see. Chopping cotton, pulling radishes, pick blueberries in Arkansas Michigan cashier, Cook, sales representative, roofer, appliance installer, HVAC technician, owner of a novelty food Booth for fairs and festivals, songwriter, fast food cook, and that’s before breakfast.

21 If you could study any subject at University what would you pick ?

Business degree and marketing

22 If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be ?

I don’t know at this point, just depends on where the opportunity takes me right now Oklahoma’s doing fine by me.

23 Tell us about your family

My dad was the traveling Preacher, my mother drifted from pillar to post,, when I was growing up . Always promising to come home but she never did, my mother and father got divorced when I was five. Dad was never the same again . I have three sisters and two brothers, im the second to the oldest,, and I have more than that . . Well that’s a lot

24 How do you write laptop pen paper in bed and read it?

All the above when an idea comes you write it down no matter where you are. Because that idea may never come again, and you will forget, it or at least I do

25 How much sleep do you need to be your best ?

As little as possible I have a lot of energy, 4 to 6 hours on average.

26 Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge and thank for their support?

My wife, she’s been there for me when nobody else would.

27 Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is. What does success in writing look like to you?

The very first novel I wrote, was falling apart, co wrote by my wife. We went to LA, to a book signing, and sold one copy.that was the happiest day of my life because the family who bought the book. A man his wife and a teenage daughter. The man said this book will save our family. We had traveled 1300 miles and it was  well worth it.. To me that’s the greatest success you could ever ask for.

28   It is vital to get exposure and target the right readers for your writing. Tell us about your marketing campaign ?

Billboards SCO, Book signings, OSU OKC funraiser, and schools, or 20% of the proceeds  goes back to the school, Tulsa state fair, September 28 through October 8, 2017.

29 Tell us about your new book why did you write it ?

I feel like just some degree we have gotten away from the basics, of telling a good moral story, we’re good  try umps  over evil, a story that’s direct to the point, and adventure that takes you away from the every day Norm . Treasure of the magical mine moppets is a three-part series. In part one, The concept came after learning the story of my great grand father and grandfather’s struggles . Then we mixed in the boy  and the bug, its my way of dealing with everything that happened bad in the family’s past creating a wonderful timeless story, of hope love and. Rekindling faith in mankind

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