Sexy Six Author 2: Leanore Elliott

IBP is happy to resume the monthly author interview series and for the month of February, we would like to feature the Sexy Six authors. Be sure to follow our posts to check out their bio and author interview questions and answers.

1) Name:  Leanore Elliott

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3) short bio, book cover and website:


LEANORE ELLIOTT lives books, so much so, her obsession has led to helping other authors to get their books published. So far, in the last 5 years, she has edited over 360 books, made 340 Kindle books, about 200 pubs, done 75 covers and 30 book trailers. She’s made 135 books into prints. She has 35 novels of her own out.

By other authors, Leanore Elliott has been called: The Book Fairy, The Goddess of Editing, A Knightess in Shimmering Armor, A Book Queen…The Book Angel. But more often, she’s been called by her nickname of, ‘Wicked’.