Author Spotlight: Lucie M La France

Lucie M La France

This book is an inspiring story of young lady who graduated from a French high school but wanted to pursue her dreams in America. She had to overcome language barriers , poverty and resentment from others because  She left her parents back home and had to work to support herself. In the end, She achieved all her goals and made a name for her family.

I write the story because it is very important and compelling to me. Consequently, others will be inspired from reading this book.
I want readers to understand that we can overcome difficulties or achieve our dreams when we persevere. There is hope for us if we determine to pursue our goals and dreams with tenacity and endurance, we can change our destiny. There will be obstacles, dilemmas and struggles, but if we don’t quit or get discouraged, we can eventually reach our aspirations.


Learning English as a second language has never been an easy process. However, after graduating from a French high school, a young lady decided to leave her native country and families in the pursuit of her dreams in America. Based on her language barriers, many perceived her aspirations and ambitions to be impossible and unattainable. Despites the negatives feedback and others’ opinions, she was determined to pursuit her dreams, and to make a name for her family. She let nothing stand in her path of successes. She coped with her limitations and lack of support, and did not let fear, cultural chaos, poverty or intimidations stopped her from chasing her goals diligently. Compelled by her tenacity and determination, she conquered all her aspirations in the face of challenges, struggles and societal misconceptions.

In these pages, she describes the following:
– Her challenges with the English language.
– The tactics she used to quickly learn English and to survive the academic endeavors.
– Her daily financial struggles.
– Her disappointments, setbacks, and resentments from others.
– The fulfillment of her dreams.