Book Review: Partially Broken Never Destroyed II by Nataisha T. Hill

Partially Broken Never Destroyed II by [Hill, Nataisha T.]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed



Kayla has a new job, home, and a sexy new love interest in her life. She has finally started to get everything on track as planned. She is living what she considers a normal life and all of the deception, betrayal, and violence had subsided, or so she thought.

It seems as if every time Kayla attempts to close a chapter in her life, someone from the past reopens it. The sex, lies, and drama follow Kayla like a plague. Her newest temptation, Bryan is a beast at his best.


This is a second book in the series. Nevertheless, you can read this book without reading the first one. The best part about this book is how the Kayla is portrayed as a strong woman who had managed to overcome an abusive relationship in the past. As a single mother, she tries her best to play the roles of a mother and a father. She tries to give herself a chance for love again but that’s when she her past starts to haunt her down.

This is not just a normal hot and sexy book. It’s something all women who had a failure in relationship can relate to.

A 4-star for this book!

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