Sexy Six Authors Q&A #11:What is your writing process like?

This post would be the continuation of Q&A session with the Sexy Six team and in case you’ve missed the 10th post, here is the link to it.

It’s a pleasure to interview the six sexy authors from the Sexy Six team. A warm welcome to our blog and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the interview session with us.

We’ve asked them a few questions and the answers for each question from all six of them will be published as a series. Let’s check out question #11

What is your writing process like? Is it spontaneous or do you do a lot of planning in advance before you begin writing? 

Chris Lange 

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Maybe I’ll be hit by a bus, maybe I’ll meet the love of my life. My characters are the same. They live, struggle, deal and love one day at a time.

Leanore Elliott

Panster all the way. In fact, my characters take it. I am but a glorified editor of the story as they use my fingers to type.

Jennifer Theriot

Totally non-traditional – no order whatsoever ! It’s spontaneous – no outline, no planning. I’m probably the most unorganized writer, I hate to say. But it works for me. I admire writers who prepare an outline and are uber organized.

Not my style though. I fly by the seat of my pants.

Maggie Nash

A bit of both. I start spontaneously, but then I take a step back and plan the story out so I don’t end up with any plot holes.

Morticia Knight

On occasion, it’s spontaneous. However, it’s not super planned out either. It’s skeletal. I’ve written so many synopses over the years that bear little resemblance to the final product, that I’ve quit fretting over them and wasting precious writing time. Writing is very organic for me. I didn’t even do a series Bible for Hampton Road or Kiss of Leather until I was midway in. And that was only because – damn – there are a lot of characters and timeline changes !

Sandy Wolters

I can’t work from an outline.  For me, it is too confining and stifles my creativity.  The more spontaneous I am, the better the story and characters are.  Generally, I’ll just sit down in front of the computer and start writing without any idea the route the story is going to take.