Author Interview with Shanice L. McLeish

Shanice L. McLeish

Shanice L. McLeish is a writer of her own stature. She specializes in conversations proving that children, too, have feelings. Shanice brings extensive experience and effective leadership in grieving. She first learned her lesson on grief at the age of 8 years old when her father suddenly passed away in a car accident. Ever since then, she has been a trailblazer in lending her voice to grieving children everywhere.

Shanice has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management, with concentrations both in youth recreation and sport event management, from Kennesaw State University and a Master of Science Degree in Sports Administration from Georgia State University. In her free time, Shanice likes to hike, cook, spend time with her loved ones, and volunteer alongside her other Kate’s Club buddies. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her dog, Rocky.

What is your personal grief story?

I learned about grief early in my life. At the age of eight years old, my father suddenly passed away from a car
accident. Fast forward 13 years later, my paternal grandfather past away, and it felt as if I was experiencing
the death of my late dad all over again. 2017 offered a turning point in my grief story and I knew my journey
would never be the same.

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Grief on the Playground

How did you get into the grief community?

I started volunteering with an amazing grief organization that supports children and their families in Atlanta,
Georgia called Kate’s Club. Since then, I have met the most amazing people, who I now consider friends and
family that constantly remind me I am not alone on this journey. Creating my own space to share that feeling
with others led me into starting Grieving It – a unique voice in the grief community.

Why is Grieving It important to you?

Grieving It is important to me because it allows me to serve people everywhere. I feel blessed to have a
platform that support and meet people where they are.

What sets your company apart from others?

Grieving It is a brand that supports grieving people everywhere. We serve as a safe place for people to share
their mourning and lean into their grief journey. We’ve trademarked #normalizegrief to encourage a
movement where talking about death and sad feelings is ordinary. We offer free grief resources for both kids
and adults alike, to include: worksheets, coloring pages, journaling topics, and grief activities. Our children’s
book Grief on the Playground is a fun and adventurous tale that illustrates the grief roller coaster in action.

What was your inspiration for Grief on the Playground?

This story was birthed from my very own experiences. Through my dedicated service, I have connected with
kids and teenagers and their own grief journey. I wanted to give them something physical that made a lasting
impression on their grief. From there the story came together and wrote itself. Children all over the world
who has experienced a profound loss in their life are my inspiration. This book is my way to sit with them in
their broken place to let them know I am with them.

Why do you end your exchanges with “I look forward to grieving with you”?

To me this is a great ending to a conversation. It highlights that you are not alone on your grief journey. In
addition, I would like it lets others know that I am here sharing the tough space with them. Opens the space
for conversation to take place.

Any advice for those grieving hard right now?

It’s going to be hard and uneasy. Know that you are not alone and your feelings are valid. Remember this, it’s
not going to get easier but each day you wake up, you get a little stronger to handle it. Do all that you can to normalize grief.

How can people connect with you?

The best way to stay connected with Grieving It is to sign up for our newsletter at You can also
connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.