Book Review: The Big Lie about Reading Glasses: A retired family doctor’s journey to understand and overcome presbyopia

The Big Lie About Reading Glasses


Presbyopia is not irreversible like it was proclaimed for so long. That is the big presbyopia lie. Glasses and contact lenses or surgery are not the only valid options. My presbyopia was addressed successfully (careful choice of words here) with eye drops made of natural elements and lifestyle changes. These eye drops are protected by a trade secret. The book in bullet points: Eye exercises do not work Reading glasses are worsening the eye condition called presbyopia (need to use reading glasses after the age of 40) LASIK and conventional eye surgery against presbyopia carry risks (like halos, infection, inhability to drive at night and blindness). Using reading glasses makes the problem of presbyopia worst faster. This simple read is written in a very accesible format filled with anecdotes. But do not be fooled by the simple style of the author, you will learn a lot about the aging process of the eyes and sight and will discover natural ways to overcome the need for reading glasses.


This book will shed light on the myths revolving around presbyopia and reading glass as the commonly suggested remedy. In fact, this book explains how reading glasses actually do more harm than good. Those suffering from presbyopia will learn more about natural remedies to cure it, by simply learning the root cause of the problem. Advices in this book that come from a doctor further encourage readers to drop the need for a reading glass. This book is a perfect read for those having presbyopia or have family members suffering from it.

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