Household Finance – An Interview with Author Thomas Hoy-Nielsen

I am a Copenhagen, Denmark native, living in Arizona since 2002 with my awesome and patient wife, Magali.

We went through the motions: raised kids, paid the mortgage, and navigated expensive child and health care, all while hammering away at student loans.

I was a corporate guy for fourteen years, and an entrepreneur for the last twenty, where I have been involved in multiple businesses: start-up, management, and sale. My life would have been boring if I’d made all the right moves, but thankfully, I made plenty of mistakes. I kept learning, and by my mid-40s, was able to semi-retire.

Today I work as a financial counselor in my practice. I help individuals and families create clarity around money – from monthly budgets to long-term life goals. I strongly believe in and encourage folks to pursue financial independence, something near and dear to my heart.

My formal training is as a commercial pilot, and I am also an FAA-certified flight instructor. This background in aviation has influenced how I think about money and beyond. For instance, a budget is akin to a fuel calculation, and in many interesting ways, life is like a flight plan, with its distance covered, phases of flight, change of direction, and different weather systems en route. The world of aviation holds many lessons and great metaphors, which you will find in my writing.

What do you write about?

Personal finance

What fact about yourself would really surprise people?

I have a background as a professional aviator.

How do you work through self-doubts and fear? 

I try to ignore that. 
What scares you the most? 


What makes you happiest? 

When my kids do the right thing.
What motivates you to write?

To educate and help others.  

What are you most proud of in your personal life?

That I know I will be missed when I die.   

What books did you love growing up? 

Science Fiction, History

What do you hope your obituary will say about you? 


Location and life experiences can really influence writing, tell us where you grew up and where you now live? 

Grew up in Denmark, and Now I live in Tucson, Arizona

How did you develop your writing?

Over time, trial and error

What is hardest – getting published, writing or marketing? 

Marketing, by far.

Do you find it hard to share your work? 

Not at all – it is written to be shared.

Is your family supportive? Do your friends support you?

Very much so – I am blessed.

What else do you do, other than write? 

Coach individuals and families on personal finance

What other jobs have you had in your life? 

Pilot, business owner x 7

If you could study any subject at university what would you pick? 


If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? 

Portugal – moving there in a few years.

Tell us about your family? 

We are a Peruvian / Danish couple – so our kids are Danuvians 😉 

How much sleep do you need to be your best?

7 hours.

Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge and thank for their support? 

My family. They’d been Very Patient

Every writer has their own idea of what a successful career in writing is, what does success in writing look like to you? 

Personally, it is to write about what you really care for. Commercially it is to write about what other people care for. 

Tell us about your new book? Why did you write it? 

How we manage personal finance has a huge impact on our lives, yet it is rarely taught by parents or in the school system. I am doing my little part to bridge that gap.  

If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone dead or alive, who would you ask?

My Dad.

When you are not writing, how do you like to relax? 

Mountain biking or flying. 

What do you hope people will take away from your writing? How will your words make them feel? 

Encourages they can learn how to be great at managing their finances.