Book Review: Time With Norma Jeane by Elyse Douglas

Time With Norma Jeane: A Time Travel Novel by [Douglas, Elyse]
Time With Norma Jeane: A Time Travel


A young woman is hurled back to 1954 to spend a week with Marilyn Monroe.

Together, they embark on their own personal journeys — one a coming-of-age — the other, Marilyn’s journey, a struggle to reconcile with her past and perhaps change the future.

A delightful and enthralling read! Elyse Douglas captured magic and put it on the page.
—Ambling Bookworm Reviews

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Loved the book as it transported me to the 1950’s. I have not lived in that era but reading this book made me appreciate the era my parents grew up in, and I could relate some of the descriptions in the book to the experiences that my parents have shared with me before.

The main character in this book, Darla, deals with the death of her mother by falling back to the things that she loves in life, and one of them is Marilyn Monroe. The adventure with Norma Jeane (Marilyn) begins when Darla went in search of her missing dog and bumps into Norma driving a car with the number plate “1954”. This is when Darla travels time backward and brings us all along the journey.

I love the way Darla channels her focus on the things that she loves when facing the adversity of life.

A 5 star for this book.