April Author Interview Answer #2

Last week Saturday, we have posted the April author interview answer #1. It’s time to reveal the second answer today! For those of you reading this post and not knowing what’s going on, we interviewed Romance and Erotica authors last month. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all seven authors who took part in this author interview!

Here is the answer to the second question: Do you have a specific goal to achieve through your stories or is your story just for pure fun? (For instance: to promote certain moral values or love via your story)

1) Author #1 Anne Conley

Some of my stories, I do.  Some, I don’t.  I try not to preach, because I don’t want to alienate readers.  I think everyone has opinions, and sometimes my own outlook will shine through in certain parts of my books.  Other times, I educate readers through the story, if I can.  For example, Hot Mess was an attempt to attack the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS, as the main female character is HIV positive.  But I tried to round it out with a hot firefighter.

2) Author #2: Marie Lavender

When an idea first comes to me, it is just a seed.  I would say I do it for the pleasure of writing.  If moral values come out of the story, that is great.  For example, with my recent release, Upon Your Honor, I found that when I was almost done writing the manuscript that Chloe’s motivation really came out and she became a more three-dimensional character.  You could see her moral struggles throughout the book, but I certainly didn’t plan for that to happen.

3) Author #3: Emily Eck

I started out just writing a story, but it spiraled from there. I am writing the a book in series that will conclude one set of characters’ story. I never planned for the book to have a “lesson” but I recently received this in a review. 

“This is a series that I probably wouldn’t have read but I am so glad that I have it has opened my eyes and helped me to understand people who I may very well have simply judged in the past, if a book can help us understand others and helps to make us more tolerant of differences then it is doing a wonderful job and if in doing this we are being swept up and entertained then the author has indeed earned the right to be called a writer.” 

I didn’t set out to write about undocumented youth in the United States, but as the story came out of my fingers, pieces of my life were woven into it. This is a piece of my life. In the end, I was elated to share the struggles of a population that is essentially silenced out of fear. They have a story to tell, and I was honored to tell it. At the same time, the series is not about politics. It’s a fictional story with an adult and teenage romance running in tandem. Although fiction, I write things that really could happen, and sometimes things that really have happened. This is the world we live in, so you are bound to get some sensitive issues when you are dealing with reality. 

4) Author #4: AJ Summer

I hope to inspire. My characters go through hardships just like any of us, but they pull through. Never give up. Life is hard, but we are made of tough stuff, so we pull through!

5) Author #5: Lucien Bane

I do have a goal that stemmed from the sudden uptick of poor portrayals of true Doms. A lot of people are confused about the entire lifestyle and what’s currently out there in fiction form is rather frightening. I’m just offering my definition of it for a more complete picture.

6) Author #6: Annie Edmonds

 I don’t think I have specific goals in mind when I start the books.  But I do have strong female characters.  I think that comes from having a strong mom, two strong sisters. Most of the women in my circle all strong women. 

And I have always been surrounded by strong male figures.  I have always known that with one phone call I would be alright. My dad, and brothers which include my brothers in law.  And my husband. I have great strong men in my life. All with Character of steel.

And I use their qualities for the characters in my books. Yes the moral values and love that I have always been surrounded with shine through in my stories. 

7) author #7: Larae Parry

My fictional stories are for fun. I don’t want to preach to anyone, and I don’t want to be preached to. Just fun, fun, fun for my characters and me—although some of my characters do naughty things that I hadn’t planned on—it’s still fun. I love it when that happens.

Question #3 is Who is more powerful in your story? The hero or heroine?

What do you think these authors’s will be? Watch out for the next post !

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