Sexy Six Authors Q&A #2:What made you choose the genre you write?

This post would be the continuation of Q&A session with the Sexy Six team and in case you’ve missed the first one, here is the link to it.

It’s a pleasure to interview the six sexy authors from the Sexy Six team. A warm welcome to our blog and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the interview session with us.

We’ve asked them a few questions and the answers for each question from all six of them will be published as a series. Let’s check out question #2

What made you choose the genre you write? 

Chris Lange 

Fantasy romance is my favorite genre because magic allows me to give free rein to my imagination.

Leanore Elliott

I write various genres of romance. I am a romantic, down to my toes.
Jennifer Theriot

I love reading romance – always have. After I finished the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, back in 2012, I wished there were books available with older main characters – you know ? Women over thirty.  Most of the romance I’d read  was about twenty something main characters. Over drinks and dinner one night, two of my friends actually dared me to write a book about middle aged lovers.  Those who know me will attest to the fact that if you dare me, I’ll do it !
Maggie Nash

I write in a few genres, and I write what I like to read
Morticia Knight

The freedom to express my stories however I wanted.

Sandy Wolters

In paranormal romance, anything is possible.  The storylines are only limited by the author’s imagination.


September Author Interview Answer #2: Why do you choose to write memoirs?

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed reading the first post in this interview series. This is the continuation of the interview with author Debby G. Kaye and Linda Gray Sexton. Please check their bios out via the links you can see below.

Let’s check out the answers for question #2 from them.

“Why do you choose to write this genre and not anything else? What’s the reason or motivation behind it?”

Author #1 D. G. Kaye

I love to write nonfiction because I enjoy talking about real-life experiences and delving into reasons behind why things happen and results from the repercussions. I like to examine the flaws in events and characters and pull the life lessons from them.

Author #2 Linda Sexton
I also write fiction, but I find I feel most absolutely comfortable writing memoir.  I am motivated to tell what I see as the truth about my own life as a way of offering to readers a story with which they can identify.  After publishing my first two memoirs, which were candid and sometimes dark, I was overwhelmed with people writing to me and telling me that I had told their story, and that they were grateful for that.  It was a way of giving voice to all they had experienced on that particular subject and they felt less alone for it.  With Bespotted, my third memoir, I also got an immense amount of mail from people sharing the experience, but this time it was happiness and joy with which they identified, which was a refreshing change at this time in my life.
Great answers, ladies! I think it is absolutely wonderful to write true stories because it gives the writer the pleasure of helping others to voice out.
I’ll be posting the answers to the second question next: “How was the response from your family and friends when you first published a book?”
Share your thoughts and views below.

MARSocial Special Interview: Question & Answers #2

Hello everyone! So, finally we received all answers from our participants from MARSocial author network. Are you excited to read the answers yet? Question #2 is from author Theresa Moretimer and her question is “What made you choose the genre you write?”

Let’s check out the answers from all 11 author participants !

1) Coleman Weeks

I write about whatever is rattling around in my head, it is therapeutic

2) Viv Drewa

I love anything scary. Especially having to do with ghosts. So after reading all genre’s I chose paranormal.

3) K. J. Rollinson

I do not have a particular genre. I write fantasy, murder. My present book, which is approximately half finished, ‘Where Lies My Heart’ will be an adventure/love story.

4) Sam Reese

It’s really two things. I love horror as a genre, and when I try writing anything, somehow horror becomes at least an element of the story. I guess it’s in my brain.

5) Neil McGowan

I’ve loved horror since I learned to read, so I guess it was natural for me to lean towards this genre. Quite often – especially with short stories – I don’t start out with the intention of writing a horror story, but it nearly always tends to end up that way. I have written in other genres, but I find it harder to achieve a convincing voice; I also enjoy writing horror – it seems to come easy to me, and I usually finish a writing session with a smile when writing it.

6) Marion Lovato

I actually didn’t choose my genre because it chose me.  Owning two cats gave me a ton of raw material to work with.

7) Jaro Berce

It was natural for me. I like science fiction. A fiction that has a lot of content and connects to a real world can be pretty much expressed by my flow of writing of the subject I would like to present.

8) Marie Lavender

I love romance, the concept of “love”.  I always loved reading romance novels and watching romantic comedies.  It appeals to something deep inside of me.  I can’t imagine not writing about love.  It is essential.  To me love is more than an idea.  It is real, the fabric of the universe, what connects us as human beings.  I believe in the kind of love that can last lifetimes, cross time and place.  Why do I believe so wholly in such a thing?  I have my own true love story playing out in my life every day.  Have I always had that?  No, but I always believed I was meant to find that special someone, just as I believe there is someone for everyone.  It is this essential belief that inspires my characters and their stories, that I pour into my books.  When I am writing about romance, even if there are obstacles blocking the characters, I think there is no better high than telling someone’s story.

9) LaRae Parry

My first publisher MADE me choose ROMANCE. I like writing humorous memoirs, comedy, mysteries, and paranormal with a little romance thrown in.

10) Theresa Moretimer

I actually didn’t choose my genre because it chose me.  Owning two cats gave me a ton of raw material to work with.

11) Annie Edmonds

Good question Tre. My first thought was to write a children s book. I had done this before, but something inside me told me to leave that for later.

The next question is “What’s your favorite color and favorite dessert?” from Annie Edmonds. Stay tuned with us for the next post !

June Author Interview Answer #2: “Who’s Your favorite mystery/suspense/thriller writer?”

We are now coming to the second question of the June Author Interview series. We had posted the answer for the first question recently. If  you have not read the post, do it so now to learn more about them. So, it’s time to check out the answers for the second question from the Murder Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Horror genre participating in the group interview. “Who is your favorite mystery/suspense/thriller writer of all time?”
Just in case if you are wondering who we are interviewing this month, you can check out this link and get all your author friends from The Memoirs/Biography genre to participate in the next group interview.
1) Author #1: J. J. DiBenedetto
This goes back a ways, but I always really enjoyed the Margaret Truman mysteries set in Washington, DC (“Murder at the Supreme Court”, “Murder at the White House”, etc.)
2) Author #2: Fran Veal
Oh my gosh, there are so many good ones. I’d have to say Ted Dekker is my fave, fave, fave. He wrote a series of books that were so twisted up, you could start with any of the books, read it as a stand-alone, think you had the entire story figured out, then go to one of the others and go “where the heck did that come from?” The story was so beautifully crafted and woven together, it was like following a maze, only to find the path you thought would lead you out left you at a dead end.
3) Author #3: Jim Strait
John D. MacDonald
4) Author #4: Kelli Sue Landon
Mary Higgins Clark, an all time favorite of mine! She was my very first inspiration.
Who is your favourite mystery writer? I look forward to reading your comments below.
Next, we will be revealing the answers for question #3 which is “What makes a thriller/mystery/suspense book a real page-turner?”
Stay tuned for the next post! Thank you! 🙂

May Author Interview Answer #2: “What is your favorite part of writing and the most difficult part?”

Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for the second question for May Author Interview featuring 13 Young Adult authors. Answers for question #1 can be found here.
Just in case if you are wondering who we are interviewing this month, you can check out this link and get all your Crime Fiction/Horror/Mystery writers to participate in the next group interview.
So, the second question is “What is your favorite part of writing and the most difficult part?” and let’s check out what our authors have to say!
1) Author #1 : Delshree Gladeen
My favorite part of writing is getting to escape your own problems and dive into something you get to create outside of everything else. Meeting and talking to readers is an awesome part of writing as well. It’s so much fun to hear how your story affected them.
The hardest part is getting your work into the hands of readers. There are so many books out there that getting yours noticed takes a ton or marketing, time, and effort.
2) Author #2: N.W. Harris
My favorite part of writing is the rough draft. I love how I come to a point in the story and the characters and world I’ve created take over. It’s like the story begins to write itself and I’m just a conduit. I also love doing research and learning new thinks I wouldn’t look up if it weren’t for the story. The most difficult part is revision. During the revision process, I have to make sure all aspects of the story meld together smoothly. For me, revision is the grunt work of writing.
3) Author #3: K.C. Finn
The favourite part for me is what I call the ‘secret’ stage. It’s that part when you have the very first spark of an idea for a book and you start a few chapters, get a little outline going. That’s the part when there are no judging eyes on the book, not even the kind eyes of your friends and family. It’s just you and your new idea in the honeymoon phase, secret and special and that’s a wonderful thing. The difficult part? Absolutely everything after that stage!
4) Author #4: M.E Cunningham
Favorite part- getting lost in la la land and creating something out of nothing. Least favorite part: when I can’t write, for whatever reason. Whether sick, too tired, or uninspired.
5) Author #5: Chrystal Vaughan
My favorite part of writing is the creation of new people and their worlds. I love when the characters decide to break out of the mold I have created for them and take off in different directions than I’d planned. The most difficult part of the writing process for me is editing and marketing. Editing is a necessary part of writing but I enjoy creating over editing. Marketing is the worst part for me; I’m really not a salesperson.
6) Author #6: Jessica Tornese
I love weaving in the true to life things- the people and places- I can see and feel all of it as I write. The hardest part is deciding how much is enough for the reader. I am not big on lengthy descriptions- I prefer a plot that moves quickly with character development woven in. Some people may not see that as enough for their tastes. I really despise marketing, too! I love my books, but I struggle to present them to strangers. They are truly personal and sometimes criticism is hard to take.
7) Author #7: Amanda Strong
My favorite part of writing is simple; it’s writing!  I love letting the scenes lead me and seeing what the characters come up with!  My least favorite part is then editing said scenes and telling my characters they are long winded and need to cut their conversation in half!
8) Author #8: Erica Keifer
I have enjoyed pulling thoughts and experiences from my life and mixing it in with these characters. It’s been fun to explore parts of myself with aspects of the story, and think a lot about my childhood and past relationships. I also love hearing feedback and how my writing caused someone to feel the emotion I was going for. As a mother with very young kids, the most difficult part is balancing motherhood and setting aside time to write.
9) Author #9: Kelly Risser
My favorite and my most difficult part might be one in the same, and that’s world building. As a fantasy writer, I find that it’s very important to pay attention to the little details. Doing so makes the world you create more realistic. It’s fun, but it can also be frustrating.
10) Author #10: Lauren Taylor

My favourite part of writing is exploring the characters emotions. I love pulling at heartstrings as many of my readers can attest to. The most difficult part is the fretting that comes when you’re close to finishing. When you realise your work will go out to the world and you really, really hope people will like it.

11) Author #11: Sherry D. Ficklin
The best part is probably getting fan mail. Knowing people love your work is really gratifying. The hardest part is marketing. It is the killer of creativity.
12) Author #12: Sheenah Freitas

I think I’m backwards from most writers. I think writing the story is the most difficult part. It’s agonizing and frustrating and often terrible. I always feel like I’m pulling teeth when I write. My favorite part is actually the editing and revising part. The hard part is done. All that’s left is going through and really forming the story.

13) Author #13: Michael Thal

The fun favorite part of writing is expanding the inspiration. That’s brainstorming ideas that will move the plot along. I usually do this as I run around Lake Balboa. When I return to my car, a pad of paper is waiting. The REALLY difficult part is not writing. It’s the promotion and marketing. That can prove very time consuming, frustrating, and annoying, because it takes me away from the writing process.

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April Author Interview Answer #2

Last week Saturday, we have posted the April author interview answer #1. It’s time to reveal the second answer today! For those of you reading this post and not knowing what’s going on, we interviewed Romance and Erotica authors last month. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all seven authors who took part in this author interview!

Here is the answer to the second question: Do you have a specific goal to achieve through your stories or is your story just for pure fun? (For instance: to promote certain moral values or love via your story)

1) Author #1 Anne Conley

Some of my stories, I do.  Some, I don’t.  I try not to preach, because I don’t want to alienate readers.  I think everyone has opinions, and sometimes my own outlook will shine through in certain parts of my books.  Other times, I educate readers through the story, if I can.  For example, Hot Mess was an attempt to attack the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS, as the main female character is HIV positive.  But I tried to round it out with a hot firefighter.

2) Author #2: Marie Lavender

When an idea first comes to me, it is just a seed.  I would say I do it for the pleasure of writing.  If moral values come out of the story, that is great.  For example, with my recent release, Upon Your Honor, I found that when I was almost done writing the manuscript that Chloe’s motivation really came out and she became a more three-dimensional character.  You could see her moral struggles throughout the book, but I certainly didn’t plan for that to happen.

3) Author #3: Emily Eck

I started out just writing a story, but it spiraled from there. I am writing the a book in series that will conclude one set of characters’ story. I never planned for the book to have a “lesson” but I recently received this in a review. 

“This is a series that I probably wouldn’t have read but I am so glad that I have it has opened my eyes and helped me to understand people who I may very well have simply judged in the past, if a book can help us understand others and helps to make us more tolerant of differences then it is doing a wonderful job and if in doing this we are being swept up and entertained then the author has indeed earned the right to be called a writer.” 

I didn’t set out to write about undocumented youth in the United States, but as the story came out of my fingers, pieces of my life were woven into it. This is a piece of my life. In the end, I was elated to share the struggles of a population that is essentially silenced out of fear. They have a story to tell, and I was honored to tell it. At the same time, the series is not about politics. It’s a fictional story with an adult and teenage romance running in tandem. Although fiction, I write things that really could happen, and sometimes things that really have happened. This is the world we live in, so you are bound to get some sensitive issues when you are dealing with reality. 

4) Author #4: AJ Summer

I hope to inspire. My characters go through hardships just like any of us, but they pull through. Never give up. Life is hard, but we are made of tough stuff, so we pull through!

5) Author #5: Lucien Bane

I do have a goal that stemmed from the sudden uptick of poor portrayals of true Doms. A lot of people are confused about the entire lifestyle and what’s currently out there in fiction form is rather frightening. I’m just offering my definition of it for a more complete picture.

6) Author #6: Annie Edmonds

 I don’t think I have specific goals in mind when I start the books.  But I do have strong female characters.  I think that comes from having a strong mom, two strong sisters. Most of the women in my circle all strong women. 

And I have always been surrounded by strong male figures.  I have always known that with one phone call I would be alright. My dad, and brothers which include my brothers in law.  And my husband. I have great strong men in my life. All with Character of steel.

And I use their qualities for the characters in my books. Yes the moral values and love that I have always been surrounded with shine through in my stories. 

7) author #7: Larae Parry

My fictional stories are for fun. I don’t want to preach to anyone, and I don’t want to be preached to. Just fun, fun, fun for my characters and me—although some of my characters do naughty things that I hadn’t planned on—it’s still fun. I love it when that happens.

Question #3 is Who is more powerful in your story? The hero or heroine?

What do you think these authors’s will be? Watch out for the next post !

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