April Author Interview Answer #6 “Can you shape the thoughts of readers?”

Romance and Erotica books have a huge number of fans all over the world. As an author, do you think your stories have positive influence on your readers? We have asked this question to all 7 authors as their stories are capable of shaping the mind of young readers. It’s time to know what all SEVEN Romance & Erotica authors think about this. A couple of days earlier, we revealed the answers for Question #5 “Violence in Your story, YAY or NAY?”For those of you reading this post and not knowing what’s going on, we interviewed Romance and Erotica authors last month. You can click on the authors’ names below to learn about them more.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all seven authors who took part in this author interview!

This month, we are interviewing Young Adult authors and if you have any questions for them, please send in your question via this link. It will take less than 5 minutes. I promise! 🙂 

Here is the answer to the 6th question: “Do you believe that Romance can shape the thoughts of the younger generation through their stories? Can they successfully convey their message to readers?”

1) Author #1 Anne Conley

Absolutely!  Romance is about life and love, overcoming hardships, dealing with conflicts and communicating with others.  Those are all ways authors can help shape thoughts of readers, by showing ways to do all those things, and the consequences.  Stories have been used to shape thoughts for EVER.  Beowulf was an oral tale that spoke of taking care of responsibilities, and later when it was written down, included aspects of Christianity.  Julius Caesar was a thinly disguised political protest.   

2) Author #2: Marie Lavender

I do believe that romance can be influential.  It had an enormous impact on me growing up.  I always loved romance stories.  I think what we see shapes how we view the world.  For example, I grew up in a close-knit family and I saw the romance between my mother and father every day.  I knew that was real love.  Obviously, there are children that don’t have the same thing in their lives so turning to books that show that isn’t a bad idea.  Seeing that ideal of romantic love can help a young woman or man believe that that kind of love is possible, maybe even look for it in their own lives.  Real life isn’t simple.  It is challenging.  But, I did find true love and I believe anyone can.  Everyone deserves to find happiness.

3) Author #3: Emily Eck

I’ve heard talk of Amazon not wanting to sell erotica because young readers may be able to access it. I work with youth and sadly, few read. If a young person takes the time to either buy an Amazon gift card, score a credit card, log onto Amazon (or any other e-book retailer), then find a means to download the material, either onto their computer, phone, e-reader,etc–hell, at that point I say let them read it. Honestly, most kids won’t go to all that trouble. I’d rather have them reading books about sex than watching it on TV. In the United States, there are many adults with low literacy levels. I think we need to encourage our youth to read. Read anything! Comic books, manga, the cereal box, and if they really take the time to get it, let them read 50 Shades. At least they would be reading. 

4) Author #4: AJ Summer

Love is the best feeling you’ll ever experience, be it in real life or with your favorite fictional character. Write the right book and people will fall in love with your words. If you can strengthen their belief in love and romance I’d say that’s a job well done. So yes, books can definitely convey that message. 

5) Author #5: Lucien Bane

My books are not appropriate for anyone under 18, but I believe romance books in general do shape the thoughts of readers, which is why as a writer, I take great care about what thoughts I give. I want to make sure the shaping is realistic and free enough for the reader to not feel what they are reading is a required formula, but just a possible pattern. I want to teach them that their lives are their lives, and my pattern will never match theirs. But what I can do is show them how to find their formula and attain it.  

6) Author #6: Annie Edmonds

I think the younger generation that’s reading erotic romance already has an idea of what sex is about. The next generation by the age of 25 has already had more sex than I ever did by the time I got to that age. And I’m not sayin it’s wrong either. I’m saying most of the next generation can teach me and people my age a few things about letting their inhibitions go. 

As for relationships that’s where they need help. I know a few younger men and women in their twenties.  These kids as I call them are always breaking up with their boyfriends and girlfriends. For some reason they just can’t keep it together. The jealousy they have if someone looks at another person is nuts.

I think not talking to each other and using text messages and e-mails has a lot to do with how these young people communicate and don’t.  

7) author #7: Larae Parry

I believe just about anything can shape the thoughts of the younger generation. That’s why romances have subcategories, like chic-flic, comedy, erotica, etc.,

Good writers are always able to convey their message to readers—that’s a lot of power—it’s scary when you think about it.

Question #7 is What do you hope to achieve through your writing journey? What’s your message to your readers? Why must they give your book a try?”

What do you think these authors’s will be? Watch out for the next post !

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