A Review for Second Chances : Sammy’s Story

First and foremost, a big thanks to Annie Edmonds for giving me a copy of her book entitled “Second Chances : Sammy’s Story”. Sorry for the delay in posting the review for this amazing story.

I must say that I am not a big fan of Erotica book. Fifty Shades of Gray has spoiled it all for me as I do not fancy stories with characters like Christian Gray. If you are reading this and you loved Fifty Shades, I would say this is my personal opinion of the book.

Coming to Annie’s book, I thought Jake has to be something like the hero in Fifty Shades too but I was proven wrong! I loved the book for the way Annie weaved the characters and story. I saw love in Jake. I saw love in Sammy! I saw how Jake treats Sammy with respect and I think this is what any BDSM based book should be portraying.

I’m considering to read Erotica books if they have good story line and message. I must say Annie has done a great job with the story.

The book needs to be edited as the errors in spelling and punctuation can be distracting but for me I enjoyed the story so it wasn’t an issue. I’m looking forward to reading her next book.

Annie, you rock! 🙂


7 thoughts on “A Review for Second Chances : Sammy’s Story

  1. Thanks so much for this review Jas. I appreciate your honesty. II am so glad that you loved the story line.
    I did go back in with an editor and we fixed most of what was wrong. I know that there’s still some punctuation and spelling errors that we both missed. And it bothers me. Once I’m done with the second book I plan on going back in to fix what I can see.

    If anyone wants to take on this project for a free book I would appreciate it. I just don’t have the money to do it again.


    • Annie, thank you very much for a very sweet and pleasurable book ! I enjoyed the story, Sam and Jake very much. I will let you know if I come across anyone willing to do that for you!


      • Thanks again Jas, I’m putting the word out. Free book for fixing the punctuation and spelling errors. It’s already been edited so these are errors that my editor and I missed.


      • No problem at all ! I’ll help you to see if there is anyone around willing to edit 🙂


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