September Author Interview Answer #5: How do you felt when you managed to complete a book?

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed reading the forth post in this interview series. This is the continuation of the interview with author Debby G. Kaye and Linda Gray Sexton. Please check their bios out via the links you can see below.

Let’s check out the answers for question #5 from them.

“How do you felt when you managed to complete a book?”

Author #1 D. G. Kaye

After completing my book, besides the feeling of accomplishment, I was very apprehensive about publishing it. I stalled the publication for a few weeks, even after it was ready for print. I had several conversations with my siblings for approval, making sure that they were okay with my publishing the book. At the time, I was scared that my mother might read it and consider having me sued. That thought instilled a new burden of guilt I felt; only this time, it was self-imposed. And yes, my mother was quite capable of doing something like that. Someone did tell her I wrote the book and her response was venomous. Thankfully, nothing ever came of her threats. When I did finally publish my book, it was exhilarating.

Author #2 Linda Sexton
I always feel an immense sense of relief that I have finished a completed work, delighted to have been able to have managed it, and proud.  It is liberating to feel you have told your own story fully and well and not been influenced by outsiders or critics.  In the end, it is pleasing yourself that matters.
Thank you for sharing your opinions. Keep up the good work and we all admire your work so much! So, keep writing!
I’ll be posting the answers to the sixth question next: “What was the best and worst criticism that you have received for your work?”
Share your thoughts and views below.

19 thoughts on “September Author Interview Answer #5: How do you felt when you managed to complete a book?

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  2. Debbie, Being sued is always a foremost thought for us memoirist, but I am glad you pressed through and were able to get pass the feelings of doubt to the other side–to exhilarating! As Linda points out, it has to be a wonderful feeling to know that you wrote your entire story without undue influence. Kudos to you both!

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  3. Thanks again Jas. 🙂


  4. […] September Author Interview Answer #5: How do you felt when you managed to complete a book? | Interna…. […]

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  5. Three words stand out in Linda’s response: delighted, proud, liberated. Based on your pushing through to completion in spite of the threats, I would add another word: courageous. Brava!

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  6. Since I’m preparing to publish my first book—memoir—, I’d like to know if, after publication, you’ve experienced a “let down” or “now what” problem? I know these aren’t your first books, but I’ve talked to several authors whose books were their entire life (as they are most of ours for the years we work on them) and they say got the baby-blues when it was “over”. How about you, Debby and Linda? (Of course I think the answer might be: Have a plan for your NEXT writing project! 🙂

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    • Thanks for the question, Mandy! Debby and Linda will get back to you shortly! 🙂

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    • Hi Mandy! No, actually, I didn’t experience any let down feelings, more so, I felt the anxiety of publishing my raw emotions and the worry about if someone were to come after me. When I received a proof copy of my book in the mail, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of accomplishment. I had finally given birth to the emotions I had kept bottled up for decades. It was a great release. And yes, I had already began first draft of my next book. We have to always keep writing. I have found myself always working on 2 books since I published my first book. Some ask how I can write for 2 books at the same time, but I don’t find it difficult. My mind is always writing, and when I get ideas for outlining my drafts they either pertain to one book or the other. I also find myself getting ideas for other books and when the ideas come along, I jot them down in a separate book for a new project so that when I’m ready to begin drafting it I already have chapter ideas to work with. I hope this helps. 🙂


      • Good point–memoir writers sometimes have worries in addition to just finishing the book. I hope to get past the fear of repercussion for having written my story. I can’t wait to start writing other things! (I have so many things started, I’m chomping at the bit. )Thanks, Debby for your input–it’s really valuable info! And thanks to you, too, Jassie for providing this forum!

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      • You are welcome, Mandy!

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      • So happy to help Mandy. I know when I began my writing journey I asked many questions from other writers and was so glad for the info and support. I think fearing repercussions will always be a silent question mark in our minds as long as we write our truths. 🙂

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  7. Deb is such a great writer and I really enjoyed learning more about her publishing experience!

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