Memoir/Biography: Guest Author Post

International Book Promotion is publishing the interview series for the Memoir/Biography genre throughout October. We are honoured to have two Memoirists; author Debby Gies and Linda Gray Sexton participating in the interview. Additionally, we have also asked them to write an author guest post each to be published under the Memoir/Biography genre.

We would like to invite all Memoir/Biography authors to also take part as guest posters.

The topic is “How Much Of A Memoir Should be True?”. Write a post within 700 words expressing your thoughts and views on this topic. Send a short bio of yours with an author picture and one book-related link (Amazon/website link) to us via email .


5 thoughts on “Memoir/Biography: Guest Author Post

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  2. I’m probably tardy re commenting on the truth of Memoirs, but when I wrote mine: ‘My Gentle War,’ I delved deep and recalled many events, people and memories I thought I’d forgotten. However, memories can sometimes play you false, so it’s good to check with family and long-term friends if they are able to assist. Interpreting the past is a different matter as our five senses are more powerful than we give them credit for. What joy it was to relive trips to ‘my’ Welsh wood/links with nature/the mountains and blackberry picking. Not to mention the bitter/sweet aroma of fruit simmering, apple and blackberry tart baking in a black-leaded oven and the taste of Welsh cakes laden with plump sultanas. I was one of the lucky evacuees and the care and love I received from my temporary foster-aunt is still palpable all these many years later.


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