Guest Post: The Writing Journey of Luke D Light

Luke D Light

My preferred pen name is Luke D Light. I’m a Bronx, NY Native. I write as a mean to express myself, come up with short stories and even bring awareness to certain topics. I write plenty of poems, some of which I incorporate into my songwriting ability, short stories with a science fiction twist. 95% of materials I’ve produced are poetry books. That is my main speciality. Even my other genre books would have a poem in it or two.

Some obstacles with writing could be finding the time or inspiration. I’ve been meaning to write a third installment in the sci fic series actually because the two books I have on the market are like crossover events/stories. Just the opportunity to be alone and draw out a detailed scenario just hasn’t presented itself, the time wasn’t right. One thing my buddy once said was that I had such a way with words that I was able to draw her deeply connected to the story. Funny how one thing lead to another, I used to have like this stick figure comic story and eventually I was working on a movie script and scenario for the origin movie to explain the background history a bit. When I was 13, I told my late uncle that I wanted to be the writer and team up with an illustrator to help create this comic book series. Which I have recently 2018-2019 worked with illustrators on panel sketches. Who knows what the future holds!

I been writing for 11 years whether it be speech bubbles on comic sketch, short stories, poems, etc.. Recently, I had an idea, I write it out. Poems bleed onto the notepad, ideas crawl their way to the notes. Might take a week or two for anything to gets published. As a self publisher, that’s the routine with Amazon Kindle. I’m more passionate about poetry and songwriting in general as opposed to the other genre yet it’s a fun escape and challenging activity and definitely interested in creating more material. For now, let me do the one thing I’ve failed before and that is promote my work. Till next time, namaste. – Luke Daniel Light (RA Light)


Author Guest Post: Sourcing a Story-Line by Bill Fortin

Bill Fortin
Bill Fortin

Sourcing a Story-line


Where do the ideas for the story-lines originate?
In my case it a combination of career, travel, and a wide selection of personal experiences spanning 20 years in the international marketplace. RFC (Redeye Fulda Cold), for example, literally washed over me like an ocean wave.

Are you familiar with the term Déjàvu?
After almost fifty years it was the simple wording on the highway signage that opened the floodgates. The saga of RFC had been silently running in the back of my mind for quite a while. Besides… I was told by my family doctor that it is important, from time to time, to confront all of our first near-death experiences. The year was 2012. We were transporting one of our horses on the interstate. We were on our way to the New Bolton Medical Center. His name was Quiot Handsome… because he was. The good news of the day was the very talented surgeon, who had recently worked on Barbaro, was going to operate on our Handsome. It was the signage displayed just past the toll booth that triggered the event. The flashback hit me like a ton of bricks. I had not contemplated this place and its unique situation for over 40 years. It was at that moment I made a decision. The saga of what happened to me and my team so very long ago would finally be told. RFC is the accounting of the silent combat fought in West Germany’s production of the Cold War and the experiences felt in a little known piece of real estate called the Fulda Gap.

Medellin: Acapulco Cold by Bill Fortin

Guest Author: Lessons Learned in Publishing by Roxanne San Jose

Roxanne San Jose

Roxanne is a budding writer originating from Philippines. I invited her to share her experiences in the publishing world as a new writer!

Roxanne, in her words:

My name is Roxanne Angelie Torres San Jose, I am born in Manila, Philippines on September 26, 1989. I migrated in America at the age of 13 and graduated with a degree in Political Science in UNLV Class of 2012.
I love reading and my favorite author are Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho.
Annagram is my first book which was published on March 2015.
My second Book, Time Travel, received a publishing contract with Avid Publishing LLC. 

The Making of Time Travels

I got the idea to write a book during the time I was reading books because I love reading. It does not matter what kind of book genre I was reading since I used my own creativity and social issue to write my two novels: Annagram (2015) and Time Travel (2019).
By reading books, I also learned how to format mine such as dialogues and actions on a character or between characters.

It took me two years to write it since I went back briefly in the Philippines. 

To Write it, I just use my creativity in my head then started brainstorming. I read a book on writing a novel and notes about vocabulary and grammar. It made me realize how important education was.

It was also the first time I worked with an editor. I learned a lot from it because when I first finished my second book, I did not edit it properly and I went straight to submitting it with publishers. Got many rejections and some acceptance from non-traditional and traditional publishers. I almost went with a non-traditional publisher but the price did not go well with me. Again, I learned a lot knowing I should have edited it first.

After editing, I searched and submitted my book to publishers. An acceptance arrived from Avid Publishing, LLC and I was over the moon. No words can explain how I felt about it.

Now, I am productive on promoting my second book.

Why and how I wrote my second book, Time Travel

I love reading so it inspires me to write my second book, Time Travel. My favorite authors are Mitch Albom and Dan Brown.

I started with being creative then brainstorming. I studied about writing a novel, vocabulary and grammar. I remembered studying about writing a novel on my iPad in my bed. I now knew the importance of education because, for me, knowing things can make it better.

Now, my second book is published. All I can say is I am proud I did it.

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Memoir/Biography: Guest Author Post

International Book Promotion is publishing the interview series for the Memoir/Biography genre throughout October. We are honoured to have two Memoirists; author Debby Gies and Linda Gray Sexton participating in the interview. Additionally, we have also asked them to write an author guest post each to be published under the Memoir/Biography genre.

We would like to invite all Memoir/Biography authors to also take part as guest posters.

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