Guest Author: Lessons Learned in Publishing by Roxanne San Jose

Roxanne San Jose

Roxanne is a budding writer originating from Philippines. I invited her to share her experiences in the publishing world as a new writer!

Roxanne, in her words:

My name is Roxanne Angelie Torres San Jose, I am born in Manila, Philippines on September 26, 1989. I migrated in America at the age of 13 and graduated with a degree in Political Science in UNLV Class of 2012.
I love reading and my favorite author are Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho.
Annagram is my first book which was published on March 2015.
My second Book, Time Travel, received a publishing contract with Avid Publishing LLC. 

The Making of Time Travels

I got the idea to write a book during the time I was reading books because I love reading. It does not matter what kind of book genre I was reading since I used my own creativity and social issue to write my two novels: Annagram (2015) and Time Travel (2019).
By reading books, I also learned how to format mine such as dialogues and actions on a character or between characters.

It took me two years to write it since I went back briefly in the Philippines. 

To Write it, I just use my creativity in my head then started brainstorming. I read a book on writing a novel and notes about vocabulary and grammar. It made me realize how important education was.

It was also the first time I worked with an editor. I learned a lot from it because when I first finished my second book, I did not edit it properly and I went straight to submitting it with publishers. Got many rejections and some acceptance from non-traditional and traditional publishers. I almost went with a non-traditional publisher but the price did not go well with me. Again, I learned a lot knowing I should have edited it first.

After editing, I searched and submitted my book to publishers. An acceptance arrived from Avid Publishing, LLC and I was over the moon. No words can explain how I felt about it.

Now, I am productive on promoting my second book.

Why and how I wrote my second book, Time Travel

I love reading so it inspires me to write my second book, Time Travel. My favorite authors are Mitch Albom and Dan Brown.

I started with being creative then brainstorming. I studied about writing a novel, vocabulary and grammar. I remembered studying about writing a novel on my iPad in my bed. I now knew the importance of education because, for me, knowing things can make it better.

Now, my second book is published. All I can say is I am proud I did it.

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